2016 Coworking Forecast

This year’s forecast and trends of the market doesn’t differ strongly from past years according to new results of the Global Coworking Survey. While the coworking industry might have had some stormy and less than desirable market conditions in 2015 with increased real estate prices and challenges in growing awareness, those phenomena don’t have a negative impact on the global development in general, at least not more than in the past. This is the year we’ll see over 10,000 coworking spaces open by the end of 2016.

How is the coworking market going? Late last year spaces reported an average of 76 members, almost 50% more than just two years ago. This development continues with a view of the expansion plans and expectations of coworking spaces for this year continues.

62% of all coworking owners this year, reported wanting to expand their spaces, showing a slight increase from the 59% as reported by the 2014 survey results. Almost identical with previous survey results, one in three operators (36% in 2016 vs. 35% in 2014) reported planning at least one additional location. An interesting trend proven by this year’s survey is the similar proportion in increase year over year of spaces planning to add additional desks and space in their current location (27% in 2016 vs. 21% in 2014) as well as those planning to move their space to another location (12% in 2016 vs 8% in 2014).



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The coworking market is buoyant, according to this of owners of coworking spaces. Interesting to see feelings of isolation as a reason why people leave coworking spaces. Maybe coworking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?

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