Workforce Learning Trends 2016

Today learning is part of a system which is organized and managed by the L&D function in organizations. This system includes curriculum design, train-the-trainer, calendarization of events, training delivery, assessments and several other components. All these get deployed by an army of L&D professionals including instructional designers, trainers, training co-ordinators, L&D managers and so on. However, such an organized system may become redundant in near future. With the rapid advancement of technology and emergence of new business models, organizations are struggling to keep pace with the changes. Their employees need to become agile and quick in learning new technologies, business models and acquiring new competencies. In future, organizations won’t have the luxury to go through the lead time of designing, developing, delivering and evaluating learning solutions. So learning has to become a self-organizing system where learners drive their own learning. A self-organizing learning system is characterized by self-paced learning, social and informal learning and collaborative learning.



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Surya Prakash Mohapatra, Head of Training and Knowledge Management for India at Hewlett Packard Global Business Services, shares some pragmatic learning for the year ahead.

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