IBM is ending its decades-old remote work policy

Less than a year into her tenure as ’s chief marketing officer, Michelle Peluso prepared to make an announcement that she knew would excite some of her 5,500 new employees, but also, inevitably, inspire resignation notices from others. She had already briefed managers and the leaders of small teams on the news, which had been set in motion before her arrival in September. The rumor mill had already informed most other employees. All that was left to do was to make it official. “It’s time for Act II: WINNING!” read the subject line of Peluso’s blog post on the company intranet.



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A pioneer of , IBM, is asking employees to become office-based. It’s interesting to see the thinking behind the decision. Is this a big business problem being solved here? That is, IBM need to have start-up type environments to speed up and that means people working together in the same place? Clearly there is a also cost-saving dimension to this.


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