Qualitative feedback the number one tool L&D uses to measure impact, survey shows

The number one method used by L&D professionals to measure the impact of learning is qualitative feedback from attendees at instructor-led classes, according to carried out by .

The shows that of the 500 L&D professionals surveyed most depend on qualitative feedback from attendees or satisfaction surveys to measure impact (see below).

Screenshot 2017-03-07 08.50.54

The research also shows that in-house instructor-led classes are the number one training method used by 78% of L&D professionals. This is followed by peer-to-peer coaching (61%) and online learning (58%).

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The reports says that, “Elearning is becoming a new tool in the L&D tool belt to complement in-person training.”

The report authors suggest five strategies to succeed in the future. They are:

  1. Don’t just take orders. Identify real training needs
  2. Deliver modern learning experiences to meet expectations from modern learners
  3. Develop a tightly executed communication plan
  4. Report value to the individual and the business
  5. Build a culture of learning, one that rewards growth.

Read the report in full Workplace Learning Report


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