What’s now and next in analytics, AI, and automation

Editor’s note: This executive briefing from the McKinsey Global Institute provides a great primer in these three strands of technological evolution: analytics, AI and automation. Organisations with advanced digital capabilities grow revenue and market share faster than their peers, McKinsey research says.

Official YouTube Blog: Updates from VidCon: more users, more products, more shows and much more

Editor’s note: This short post provides some data on Youtube see numbers and usage as well as some of the updates coming to the service.

Research Uncovers C-Suite’s “Surprising” Thought Leadership Consumption Behavior

Editor’s note: Is this research counter-intuitive? It goes to show that some employee cohorts might well have differing media preferences.

Power Causes Brain Damage

Editor’s note: Power can cause us to be less empathetic. Research shows that power has an alarming impact on behaviours. they key here is to stay grounded.

Workplace gender quotas weed out incompetent men and make businesses more efficient, study finds

Editor’s note: The introduction to this article says it all: “Gender quotas increase the competence of organisations by leading to the displacement of mediocre men, a new study has found.”

Psychiatrist Offers Simple Steps for Coping With Uncertainty

Editor’s note: Some really great – and free – tips on how to reduce anxiety caused by uncertainty.

A New World of Corporate Learning Arrives: And It Looks Like TV

Editor’s note: Learning technology analyst Josh Bersin looks at how learning management systems are attempting to morph into learning experience platforms.

What’s Next for Learning & Technology – Resources Shared at #LTSF17

Editor’s note: David Kelly has pulled together all the resources shared at this week’s Learning Technologies Summer Forum. Some great reads in here.

Interactive Content Fuels Customer Experiences

Editor’s note: Research from the Content Marketing Institute shows that marketers are increasingly using interactive content as a part of their marketing effort. Should L&D be creating this type of content to engage employees in ideas and resources?

10 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs

Editor’s note: There are some good free and paid-for tools in this list that will help you get started with content curation.

Free podcasts to challenge your thinking

Editor’s note: L&D practitioner Andrew Jacobs shares his favourite podcasts – some good business-related ones here – and how to access them on your phone.

When it’s just so obvious no training is needed, it hurts to watch

Editor’s note: In this article, Charles Jennings suggests system and process training should be consigned to the bin. Instead, L&D should focus on the performance problem that needs to be fixed.

Project management for the rest of us

Editor’s note: Really interesting piece looking at the importance of project management and project work for all knowledge workers.

2017 Internet Trends — Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers

Screenshot 2017-06-06 17.04.16

Editor’s note: Mary Meeker produces an annual state of the internet report and this year’s has just been published. Well worth a read.

Eliminating the human

Editor’s note: This is a compelling argument – that technological innovation is designing out human interaction. Agree?