Workforce of the future – The competing forces shaping 2030

Editor’s note: Interesting piece of research from PWC into the future of work. What’s your view on the four possible worlds of work?

MOOCs: learning about online learning, one click at a time

Editor’s note: This is a useful article shared by the CIPD’s Andy Lancaster. It looks at how analytics can shape online learning design and links to related research.

Lifelong learning helps people, governments and business. Why don’t we do more of it?

Editor’s note: The evidence that learning throughout our lives is good for us, our communities and our societies. So why aren’t we doing more to support this – and that includes employers?

The digital native is a myth

Editor’s note: Research suggests that younger people use technology no differently to older people. Learning designers beware . . .

101 books to dive into this summer: A reading list

Editor’s note: Okay so this is a mega list but worthy of a scan as it has been compiled by TED speakers and offers a broad range of topics and styles.

Nine lifestyle changes can reduce dementia risk, study says

Editor’s note: To help keep dementia at bay, researchers say we need to build up our cognitive reserves. One way to do this is to keep learning throughout our lives. Is this a higher goal for L&D teams – to help ensure good brain health for employees?

The Timelessness of Millennial-Bashing

Editor’s note: It’s always good – and more necessary than ever? – to get the long view and the historical context to understand topics and trends. In this case: why the next generation is always so threatening.

Daring to learn how to learn

Editor’s note: This research shows the importance of developing learning as a skill so that learners can get more out of learning.

Web Accessibility 101: Design for All People, Not Most

Editor’s note: Often overlooked, designing digital experiences that are accessible to all should be at the heart of learning design. Some great advice here.

The Disruption Myth

Editor’s note: Liberal sprinkling of the word disruption across the media might suggest that businesses are changing rapidly. That doesn’t seem to be the case though.

New evidence that ‘gamification’ does NOT work

Editor’s note: If you are looking to gamify your learning then think about the efficacy first. Research suggests it is no more effective than other methods at improvising mental performance.

The Human Capital Advantage

Editor’s note: Here’s a timeline of US companies that have developed successful people policies – starting way back in 1930. Some interesting facts and figures.

Facebook now has 2 billion monthly users… and responsibility

Editor’s note: What a milestone. Facebook now has 2 billion monthly active users. This article also features a useful chart showing the monthly user numbers for some of the other big social networks.

The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different this Time

Editor’s note: This is worth 11 minutes of your time. This video looks at automation througout the ages, which provides good context for the current age of automation.

How the iPhone changed marketing forever

Editor’s note: This is great reminder of the impact the iphone has had on our lives.