Web Accessibility 101: Design for All People, Not Most

Editor’s note: Often overlooked, designing digital experiences that are accessible to all should be at the heart of learning design. Some great advice here.

Dos and don’ts on designing for accessibility

Editor’s note: Some great tips here on making content more accessible from the UK government’s Home Office Digital team.

Webinar software round-up – are there any accessible options out there?

Editor’s note: How accessible is webinar software? This investigation assesses some of the main technologies and the findings are depressing.

Designing user interfaces for older adults: myth busters

Editor’s note: More myth busting today – this article looks at designing user experiences for older workers.

Responsive typography ends need for reading glasses

Editor’s note: Croatian designer Marko Dugonjić has created a site, using your computer’s webcam, that enables the on-screen text to change size according to where you are in relationship to the screen. Still in beta but worth keeping an eye on (excuse the pun).

Patients with vision loss read again using iPad

Editor’s note: Maybe a slightly overstated headline but worthy of attention as iPads in particular are good for helping the visually impaired to be able to read text.

Accessibility trumps design

Editor’s note: Editor’s note: No matter how well you design the mobile learning experience if you can’t access it, you can’t access it. We should be thinking about how we optimise content for devices, not designing standalone pieces of content.