Could this app replace commenting on mobile devices?

Editor’s note: Reinventing performance feedback – this is the type of tool that could transform employee engagement.

Journal app Narrato gets quantified self with moves integration and wider platform play

Editor’s note: A journal app that includes your fitness data. Isn’t there something in this for L&D?

Life-tracking app Expereal is your personal weapon against cognitive biases

Editor’s note: Cognitive bias plays a part in how we recollect events which means we tend to remember events as being more positive or neagtive than they were at the time. This app plans to change that. Potentially useful approach to documenting learning/work experiences?

YouTube launches YouTube Capture, a video recording, editing app

Editor’s note: Youtube has launched an app – Youtube Capture – that enables you to shoot, edit and share video footage. Looks simple to use and very useful for creating better quality films.