Fitness trackers do not increase activity enough to noticeably improve health

Editor’s note: This story feels to me like a good metaphor for where we are at with technology and how it can help us. Much promise for the quantified self and health apps like Fitbits, but not a lot of evidence to say they are having the expected impact.

Are Apps The New Gurus? The Rise Of Self-Help Tech

Editor’s note: Something for L&D to be concerned with? Even more ways to get answers to questions at work . . .

The Big Picture


Editor’s note: A thought-provoking slide from Nick Shackleton-Jones. Are we designing for what he calls ‘learning elimination’?

Unfitbit: When fitness tracking goes wrong

Editor’s note: Interesting reflections on how fitness apps can change behaviour, or not. There’s still some way to go to help turn change in to habit.

Do brainpower apps really make you smarter?

Editor’s note: Exploration of the brain trainer apps that are becoming increasingly popular. Question is, do they do what they claim they can do?

The age of the social network is ending

Editor’s note: Are we seeing a trend towards single-purpose apps? As this article says: ‘The age of the great “social network” is coming to an end. Consumers are now moving towards services that are much more focused. You don’t go to them to do everything “social”, you go to them to do one thing. The best of these services entice you to do that one thing over and over and over again.’ if that’s the case, what would learning related apps do specifically?

Codecademy releases its first educational app

Editor’s notes: Codecademy is trying out apps to help people learn to code. An interesting space which is worth watch. What could corporates help colleagues learn in less than hour on a phone?

Parents, you know this. They do what you do, not what you say!

Editor’s note: This quote says it all: ‘Collaboration per se is not the end goal [of social apps]. Well-designed implementations of social apps aim to make it easier for people to get their work done. They are focused and specific to each worker’s needs.’

Apps for tracking workers’ productivity: Nothing to fear

Editor’s note: A look at productivity apps such as idonethis and weekdone. Where do these apps fit into the learning tech scene? Should they?

Slidedeck of the week: 50 powerful statistics about tech mega trends affecting every business

Ten stats on five mega trends in IT: mobile, social, cloud, apps and big data. 50 Powerful Statistics About Tech Mega Trends Affecting Every Business from Vala Afshar

10 smart apps with built-in adaptive learning mechanics

Editor’s note: Adaptive learning technologies are designed to adapt content to the abilities and knowledge level of the user – here are 10 apps that do it.

From heart rates to surveys: How to keep workers happy

Editor’s note: Employee surveys reinvented. Now there is no reason not to know how your colleagues feel.

The future of health apps: personalised advice combining your diet, sleep pattern and fitness regime

Editor’s note: So if L&D is concerned with employee performance and apps record a range of health data, isn’t it time we put the two together to optimise work?

Why behavior change apps fail to change behaviour

Editor’s note: useful insights for L&D here. A look at fitness apps and the difference between users wanting to do something and having to do something.

Data, smartwatches and the future of fitness, with RunKeeper’s Jason Jacobs

Editor’s note: A look at the future of wearable tech and sports apps – application for behaviour change in organisations?