101 books to dive into this summer: A reading list

Editor’s note: Okay so this is a mega list but worthy of a scan as it has been compiled by TED speakers and offers a broad range of topics and styles.

Did technology kill the book or give it new life?

Editor’s note: You go to conferences and hear people talk about the likes of Kodak – killed off by technological innovation. It has been said that books would got he same way but they haven’t. The story of how print and tech work together is interesting – the devil is in the detail!

Books worth reading, recommended by Bill Gates, Susan Cain and more

Editor’s note: TED Talks speakers share the books that are in their domain that are worth reading. This looks like an amazing reading list covering creativity, design, happiness and much more . . .

The best psychology books of 2013

Editor’s note: The British Psychology Society recommends the best psychology books of the year.

The books that inspire America’s CEOs

Editor’s note: Useful list of books. if your CEO is reading them, then maybe worth having a look too . . .

8 awesome books on algorithms and big data

Editor’s note: Does what it says on the tin. Get up to speed on big data with this reading list.

E-books could be the future of social media

Editor’s note: A look at the Readmill app that turns every book into a social network. Could this be the future of ebooks? And how could L&D use this approach to content?

Three brainy books reviewed

Editor’s note: The elearning coach reviews three books on neuroscience and cognition.

Social science insights for HR and L&D – a reading list


Following on from Dr John McGurk’s recent webinar on social science insights for HR, we share the reading list from the webinar. The list falls into the following five categories: Economics 50 Economics Ideas You Really Need to Know: your really need to know, Edmund Conway Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness, Richard […]

Subjective impressions do not mirror online reading effort: concurrent EEG-eyetracking evidence from the reading of books and digital media

Editor’s note: Older people tend to dislike e-readers, but expend less cognitive effort using them than when reading real books. This research looks into how we perform as readers across different devices.

Neural networking: online social content easier to recall than printed info

Editor’s note: Recollecting Facebook posts is easier than recalling the same information in a book. It also takes less effort to remember posted patter than someone’s face, according to new research.

Open collections program: reading, choosing books

Editor’s note: So how did Victorians deal with the fire hose of information that was the explosion in book publishing?

What’s informing your thinking: the CIPD’s John McGurk

Screen Shot 2012-08-19 at 20.36.48

Kickstarting a new series on What’s informing your thinking? we ask learning professionals to share new influences on their current thinking. Our aim is to highlight new influencers on L&D. First up is the CIPD’s learning and talent development advisor John McGurk. John’s work spans L&D and HR strategy. You can find John on Twitter […]