The Human Capital Advantage

Editor’s note: Here’s a timeline of US companies that have developed successful people policies – starting way back in 1930. Some interesting facts and figures.

A ten-point ‘no-option’ manifesto: Re-imagine. Excellence. Innovate. Now. Or perish.

Editor’s note: We like this manifesto from Tom Peters. it reads more like a list of things to do and ways of being if you want to succeed. A great read on both a personal and professional/organisational level.

Lifelong learning – the key to helping manage change

Melanie Lepine

LearnPatch is interviewing some of the speakers at the forthcoming World of Learning Conference and Exhibition. Here, Roisin Woolnough talks to Melanie Lepine, manager, global delivery strategy and deployment at American Express.   The world around us is changing all the time and that change happens whether we like it or not. The world of […]

Change or die

Editor’s note: A must-read article on behaviour change. Fascinating insights into what makes people change and how that can be used in organisations. Thanks to Cedric Borzee for sharing.

#lt14uk interview: Nigel Paine on the ‘big shift’ in learning

Nigel Paine, former chief learning officer at the BBC and L&D thought leader, says that there is a big shift coming in corporate training. Speaking after his Learning Technologies 2014 conference talk, he said that the way organisations think about learning is misaligned with output. Three things need to change, he said: Responsibility for learning […]

Taking small steps towards change with social tech – an interview with Euan Semple

We caught up with Euan Semple ahead of his talk on organisational change at the Learning Technologies Conference 2014 and asked him about why organisations find it so hard to adopt social technologies and how they can start to do things differently. listen to ‘Euan Semple on change and social tech’ on Audioboo

The one with the lift and shift

Editor’s note: Rob Jones tells a good story. Here he looks at doing things differently – simple stuff really.

From memory to sexuality, the digital age is changing us completely

Editor’s note: If you want to get the neurons firing today the read this piece and have a think on it. The pace of tech change and its impact on how we live our lives is worth thinking about.

No one likes to be changed

Editor’s note: Change management reimagined. Let’s start by not calling it change management . . .

Dear L&D, am I your friend or foe?

Screen Shot 2012-08-19 at 20.36.48

Just over four years ago three colleagues and I set up a knowledge sharing event at the corporate we worked at. Our 19-storey building housed nearly 2,000 colleagues. We were a publishing business which was grappling with a lot of change and fast – our traditional print business was migrating online. I was a journalist […]

Reflections on #cipdhrd13 and beyond – it’s time for change

Editor’s note: A review of HRD that ends with a call to arms; ‘In our attempts to “modernise” ourselves in the last 10-15 years, we have actually managed to dilute what we do, so people (our users) no longer understand the value we can bring to an organisation. People development – not learning and development… come on… wake up people!’

The chief learning oficer’s seven barriers to making change happen

Editor’s note: Chief learning officers share their barriers to making change happen.

Resilience through organisational change

Editor’s note: Reflections on how L&D can help build personal and organisational resilience from Sukh Pabial who is helping his organisation change rapidly as a part of the change agenda in the NHS.

Change or die

Editor’s note: Andrew Jacobs picks up on the theme of change. This quote sums it up: ‘If we don’t become agile, if we remain entrenched in ‘the way we do things’, if we want to be considered as partners we need to start partnering, stop providing and use the opportunity of the channels we now have.’

The need to adapt to the speed of change or die: lessons for L&D from the retail industry

Editor’s note: Charles Jennings reflects on the demise of retailer HMV and draws out some lessons for L&D.