Coursera’s new skill search could do for learning what Netflix did for TV

Editor’s note: Interesting to see that the former Netflix director of product innovation is now at Coursera. Even more interesting that users will be able to find content in MOOCs based on the skills they are trying to develop.

Coursera’s New Strategy Takes Inspiration From Netflix—and LinkedIn

Editor’s note: Interesting to see how Coursera is shifting towards a subscription based approach that appeals more to lifelong learning and skills.

Coursera Pivots To Focus On Job Training

Editor’s note: MOOC platform Coursera is looking to work with companies to provide bespoke courses. It’s an interesting move, which opens up more options for organisations. Thanks to Jane Hart for sharing this.

LMS market update

Editor’s note: A round-up of recent updates on LMSs such as Canvas.

The MOOC honeymoon is over: three takeaways from the Coursera calamity

Editor’s note: thanks to @tonygurr for sharing this insightful on creating online courses. Lots of links to research and some clear messages around designing courses for learners versus putting trading classroom courses online.