The Ones That Got Away – video stories

Editor’s note: Craig Taylor’s series on ideas that never saw the light of day looks at video stories – includes a great example.

Breaking the L&D bubble at #AMC13

Editor’s note: Craig Taylor previews a marketing conference he is attending and in so doing shows why it is important for L&D to look outside of what he calls the ‘L&D bubble’ for different perspectives.

Think “Campaign” not “Course”

Editor’s note: Craig Taylor is narrating his experience of transforming compliance training in his organisation (read more here: I his first pos he links to this piece on campaigns not courses – an approach based on more learning more often over a longer period of time.

Designing interactions? Perhaps you shouldn’t bother…

Editor’s note: Fresh from his recent elearning Network talk, Craig Taylor shares his thinking on designing learning interactions.

What learners want – part 2

Editor’s note: Craig Taylor is implementing Towards Maturity’s learner survey in his organisation. In this set of blog posts, Taylor is sharing the experience and how the project is developing.

My #COLF L2 Assignment

Editor’s note: Online learning manager Craig Taylor is documenting his way through the Certified Online Learning Facilitator programme on Youtube. As well as seeing what Craig makes of the materials this is worth following to see how content narrated this way can be useful beyond the training programme.

Virtual Learning Show day 2

Editor’s note: Craig taylor reviews day two of the Virtual learning Show, providing some great takeaways for anyone delivering virtual learning. make sure you read the comments too.

Virtual Learning Show day one

Editor’s note: Craig Taylor reviews day one of the Virtual Learning Show – lots of takeaways here for anyone considering, or currently using, live online learning technology.

What happened in Vegas, won’t stay in Vegas – thanks to #Devlearn

Editor’s note: Craig Taylor’s insights, reflections and takeaways from the DevLearn 2012 conference. Lots of practical tips for any L&D professional.

I’m off to #DevLearn – would you like to come with me?

Editor’s note: Craig Taylor is attending this week’s DevLearn Conference in Las Vegas and is happy to ask questions on your behalf . . . Craig is also speaking on mobile learning at the event.

I’m speaking at #DevLearn 12

Editor’s note: Good to see some UK learning professionals speaking at the forthcoming DevLearn conference. Craig Taylor will be talking about mobile and in this video asks viewers to consider three questions on mobile usage.