This is a big creativity killer

Editor’s note: Getting territorial about ideas can kill creativity, says this report. The answer is to put as much emphasis on creative feedback and nurturing ideas as the idea itself.

Workers would like to use more of their creative skills, survey says


Sixty-three per cent of Britons wish they were in a career where they could make more use of their creative skills, according to a survey carried out by the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB). The survey revealed that  70% of the 1,000 adults questioned wanted to pursue a creative career when they were younger. And 62% […]

A formula for practicing creativity in a changing world

Editor’s note: Really interesting article on why we need to learn creative skills as cognitive computing starts to take over more routine cognitive tasks in the workplace.

Creativity and constraints in L+D – #chat2lrn curated tweets

Here are curated tweets from the Chat2lrn Twitter chat on constraints and #creativity. [View the story “Creativity and constraints in L+D – chat2lrn curated tweets ” on Storify]

State of Create Study

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Editor’s note: This research is a couple of years old but it provides some useful context around creativity and why organisations should be looking to develop creative skills. There seems to be a lot of untapped potential here.

The science of creativity: curated tweets from #chat2lrn

Here are our curated tweets from the chat2lrn Twitter chat on #creativity. [View the story “Curated tweets from the Chat2lrn Twitter chat on the science of creativity” on Storify]

The science of creativity

Editor’s note: Tomorrow’s Chat2lrn Twitter chat is on creativity and as a primer the team has written a post sharing three simple steps to unlocking your creativity.

Why your creativity needs boundaries to thrive

Editor’s note: Here are five key takeaways from the experts, such as Seth Godin, featured in the book Manage Your Day-to-Day.

Three creativity challenges from IDEO’s leaders

Editor’s note: Three simple challenges to get you thinking more creatively – can be done solo or in groups.

How might we inspire young people to cultivate their creative confidence?

Editor’s note: So this is what stifles creativity in school children (according to the children themselves). I thought this would look remarkably similar to a list created by adults.

5 technologies to promote creative learning

Editor’s note: Great ideas for Steve Wheeler which could provoke some useful workplace learning ideas too.

The real neuroscience of creativity

Editor’s note: A look at the neural networks at play in the creative process. A must read if you are interested in creativity.

David Ogilvy’s timeless principles of creative management

Editor’s note: Some great insights here into how to manage creativity from one of ad land’s legends.

3 reasons why Britain’s Michael Gove doesn’t understand creativity

Editor’s note: A good article on creativity. The title makes it sound like a rant against the UK education secretary, which it is not.

Rediscover your creative

Editor’s note: A review of the book Orbiting the Giant Hairball by Gordon MacKenzie, which looks at how corporate America sucks out the creative juices we all had when we were kids.