10 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs

Editor’s note: There are some good free and paid-for tools in this list that will help you get started with content curation.

Mastering Google Search Operators in 67 Easy Steps

Editor’s note: Google, as we know, is a sophisticated search engine. This list provides a range of tips on how to better use Google to find the information you need. Finding information is key for curators which makes this a useful list for anyone interested in curation.

Twitter accounts really are echo chambers, study finds

Editor’s note: Maybe not overly surprising but a reminder of the role of homophily in shaping our world view.

Digital Literacy Challenge: Create an Information Filter Bot

Editor’s note: I like this DIY approach to filtering the web. All the tools are free to use – might be worth a go to build your own information filter.

How to find the knowns and unknowns in any research

Editor’s note: In our ‘post-truth’ era we need the skills to sort information and establish its provenance. Some goods here on how to do this with published research.

Accenture builds proprietary platform IdeaHarvester for curation of employee ideas

Accenture is revving up its innovation engine in India with a series of initiatives as it looks to tap its over 1,30,000 base of employees in the country.   Curated from timesofindia.indiatimes.com  

How to Help Your Staff to Curate Content

Editor’s note: This article is good but only goes so far in explaining how to scale curation within the organisation. There are some useful tips here on when to post on social media and tools to use for collating internally curated content.

TED Studies

Editor’s note: TED Talks have been working on ways to make their 2,000-plus videos more accessible. TED Studies is an interesting approach that will resonate with L&D professionals. Look at what they include as their learning frame – an introductory essay on the topic, curated videos and a summary. There is also a licensed option. This approach could be taken by any organisation – using TED talks.

TED Studies

Editor’s note: TED is now offering curated, structured learning experiences using its own content. Interesting to see the elements it uses as a part of its curated experience.

We’re Drowning in Content. Recommendations Are What We Need

Editor’s note: Great piece on automated curation on Youtube. This is where the major content platforms are heading.

Curated Playlists

Editor’s note: Really interesting to see how curation is changing the consumption of music. Consumers are less interested in albums and more interested in curated playlists. Could this be a blueprint for how learners want to consume learning content?

Curation, Copyright and the Law

Editor’s note: This is a practical and pragmatic piece on how to do curation and stay on the right side of copyright law.

Information Overload or a Search for Meaning?

Editor’s note: This is a long read and very well worth it if you are interested in the history of the concept of information overload and the paradigm shift we need to make to meaning making.

Flipboard Curation Secrets for Individuals and Teams

Editor’s note: I really like Flipboard, a curated magazine app which lets individuals and teams curate content into their own magazines. This article gives some tips on tricks on how to use the app. It’s well worth trying out so pick a topic and see what you learn.

Content Curation 101: How to Get Curated Content Right

Editor’s note: There are some useful examples of curated newsletters in this article. A key message here, and generally around curation, is knowing who you are doing it for and what type of curated content will be useful and relevant.