The dangers of faith in data

Editor’s note: With all the hype and excitement around big data, it is useful – and necessary – to think about the downsides. Some interesting points here.

10 surprising social media statistics that might make you rethink your social strategy

Editor’s note: Good to see stats that might challenge perceptions around social media usage. Look at the fastest growing cohort on Twitter, for example.

How does data visualization work?

Editor’s note: Good article for getting started with data visualisation and its concepts.

Silos, skills gaps and suspicion are preventing HR from joining the big data and talent analytics revolution, CIPD research reveals

A complex mix of silos, skills gaps and suspicion are preventing HR from tapping into the big data and talent analytics revolution to better inform the function’s strategy and measure its impact. That’s according to new research from the CIPD, the professional body for HR and development, in association with Oracle Corporation EMEA. The term […]

People data available in three clicks at Unilever


Unilever has put all its people data in one place so that 100,000 users can get to the information within three seconds or five clicks. Talking about how the company has centralized its global data reporting for HR, James Stringer, director, HR Information, said that the company had set up a global HR operating framework […]

How to start using data and evidence in HR

Editor’s note: Some practical steps to data reporting in HR. Remember: collect what you can usefully analyse.

Now Facebook can see inside your heart, too

Editor’s note: Facebook’s data-science team teases out who is romantically involved with whom by examining link structures.

Big data in human resources: a world of haves and have-nots

Editor’s note: Despite the fact the majority of organisations are investing in data analytics tools, this research by Bersin found that only 4% of companies have achieved the capability to perform “predictive analytics” about their workforce.

8 keys to a game-changing big data strategy

Editor’s note: This link was shared by @marcoable in yesterday’s #chat2lrn Twitter chat on big data. Worth a read for getting up to speed on some of the core issues around big data.

The big data arms race part two: consumer perceptions

Editor’s note: The second in a two-part look at how technology and data is changing the marketing profession. Here we look at consumers’ perception of the data companies hold on them and how that is used for marketing purposes.

The big data arms race part one: marketers’ perceptions

Editor’s note: The first in a two-part look at how technology and data is changing the marketing profession. Worth a look not only to see the impact on marketing but also to get some idea on what this means for L&D.

Surveys in L&D: Curated tweets from #chat2lrn Twitter chat

Here are our curated tweets from today’s chat2lrn Twitter chat on surveys in L&D. [View the story “Surveys in L&D: curated tweets from chat2lrn” on Storify]

Survey says

Editor’s note: Here is the primer for today’s Chat2lrn Twitter chat on surveys – it is increasingly a required skill in L&D but not one many L&D professionals have according to the LPI Capability Map.

Nate Silver predicts that you, too, can be a data master

Editor’s note: Some tips on being a data ninja – whether you want to get better at data yourself or you want your team to get better at using it.

TaDaweb lets you create ‘small data’ mashups without writing a single line of code

Editor’s note: “It’s kind of like if Pinterest and Yahoo Pipes had a child.” Interesting tool to scrape and visualise data – the type of tool we might see in L&D?