If you’re not helping people develop, you’re not management material

Editor’s note: This article focuses on the role of the manager in developing people and provides some useful tips on how managers can get the best from their teams.

The secret to building dream teams

Editor’s note: How Reebok uses technology to match candidate behaviours to roles and how this informs hiring and career development.

Professional development in 2013 – what’s your take?

With much talk from industry leaders about the changing skill set of the L&D professional, we have decided to ask the CIPD, ASTD and the LPI what the year ahead looks like in terms of professional development. While they craft their responses, which we should be able to publish next week, we have posted the […]

What price MOOCs?

Editor’s note: Time to get your head around MOOCs – massive open online courses – says Donald Taylor. They will become a part of the learning mix and L&D professionals will need to know about how they work and their commercial models.

Social Networking Boosts Global Talent Development

Social Networking Boosts Global Talent Development06/06/12 03:41 PMMost large companies say that managing a globalized workforce is a top priority. Organizations with a strong informal learning culture that utilize social networking are three times as likely to develop an effective

Measuring Learning 2.0 for Impact

Measuring Learning 2.0 for ImpactLearning 2.0 may excite your learners, but how can your organization measure its impact on your business?05/31/12 11:56 AMGreat moments in science, business and exploration have always come with the advent of

Why ‘doing good’ can benefit your career

The benefits of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for businesses are well documented: it can help to improve an organisation’s reputation and aid recruitment because potential employees find altruistic organisations attractive. It can also engage employees if they feel