NYT innovation report 2014

Editor’s note: The internal report from The New York Times’s new ideas task force on how the paper could/should innovate in the digital era.

Strategic principles for competing in the digital age

Editor’s note: McKinsey researchers examine the impact of the digital revolution on businesses and their markets.

27% of global execs: digital transformation already “A matter of survival”

Editor’s note: Useful context to the ‘digital pressures’ currently faced by organisations. Great indicators here for what corporate L&D will look like.

The future of digital [slide deck]

Editor’s note: Henry Blodget, editor-in-chief at Business Insider, provides some stats to help us look into the future growth of digital.

How people use social media to boost their social status

Editor’s note: what if social media is not so egalitarian and democratic? What would that mean for how we use these tools in a learning context? Social software researcher Alice Marwick explores these ideas and shares her thinking.