The Classroom of the Future

Editor’s note: This article is inspired by the #ldinsight discussion on the role of the classroom in L&D. It explores how school classrooms are, or will be, changing.

No discernible growth in US higher ed online learning

Editor’s note: This counter-intuitive data shows online education in the US may have plateaued. But aren’t institutions and vendors looking at a future in which online education continues to grow and grow? Fascinating stuff. Thanks to Nick Shackleton-Jones for sharing.

Digital Literacy Is the Key to the Future, But We Still Don’t Know What It Means

Curated from Great point here: exactly what is #digital literacy? Interestingly, it doesn’t have to involve computers.

The problem with lecturing

Editor’s note: If you have to back up your thesis that lecturing is not the best way for people to learn then read this article and remember to cite it. Thanks to @lightbulbjo for sharing.

Noam Chomsky on technology and learning

Editor’s note: Noam Chomsky on technology and learning. Is technology just like a hammer? It is what you do with it that matters. This interview is worth five minutes of your time . . .

More than a third of UK employers have stepped up to help bridge the gap between education and work

Editor’s note: COPD research shows the extent to which employers are linking up with schools to help reduce the UK’s high level of youth unemployment.

Can virtual classrooms beat face-to-face interaction?

Editor’s note: Are these the same challenges faced in corporate learning? Virtual classrooms can we work but there needs to be support and community interaction.

View to a skill: The next big education player?

Editor’s note: Bringing skills to the masses, and successfully so. Could this be an answer to developing skills in the workplace?

Confidence ‘boosts pupils’ academic success’

Editor’s note: Interesting to see how factors outside of learning content and process impact on our development. Some learning here for L&D?

The digital native myth: Why we still need to teach kids HOW to use the iPad

Editor’s note: I liked the angle on this piece – cut through the myths and you find kids need help on tablets. And then think about adults in the workplace. Wouldn’t they benefit from some help too?

Tech titans and online education orgs team up with the Open Education Alliance

Editor’s note: Google, AT&T and a host of online education organisations are forming an alliance to develop standards for career readiness.

Fostering the reciprocity of learning

Editor’s note: Thanks to @dsmith_tmaw for sharing this piece on how a teaching professor facilitates a discussion with students on how the group learns as a whole and how the reciprocal nature of learning might work.

The impact of online learning on students’ course outcomes: evidence from a large community and technical college system

Editor’s note: This looks interesting but costs $20 to download – research suggesting that online learning in schools is no more effective than traditional approaches.

Reimagining the 21st-century classroom

Editor’s note: What would the classroom look like if you applied some service design thinking?

Two conversations

Editor’s note: Provocative post by Nick Shackleton-Jones. How do you talk about the learning in the workplace?