Email Takes Up 28% of Workers’ Time [REPORT]

Editor’s note: This survey is a couple of years old but I can’t imagine much has changed – or has it? If not, a quarter of the day spent managing emails seems like a enormous drain on resources.

Riepl’s Law – Why email isn’t going away anytime soon

Editor’s note: Do you think email will be dead in the near future? If you do, this short post provides the counterpoint.

The only use case for ESN that you will need

Editor’s note: Oscar Berg on why you should be using enterprise social networks in place of email.

Should employers ban email after work hours?

Editor’s note: Gallup’s chief scientist of workplace management and well-being James Harter looks at the complex answer to a simple question. The issue here is engagement, not email.

AT&T’s system can ‘self-destruct’ emails after they’ve been sent – and even read

Editor’s note: Could organisational communication be transformed with this forthcoming piece of technology?

Hi, all: the absurdity of companywide emails, visualized

Editor’s note: A bit of fun to make a serious point. take a look at this Tumblr blog to be reminded of the ‘importance’ of company emails.

Microsoft is bringing Skype video calling to every inbox

Editor’s note: Interesting integration of technologies . . . and just imagine the potential if this takes off.

Email killing your teamwork? Perhaps document management is the fix (infographic)

Editor’s note: Most document sharing in the enterprise takes place via email, probably the worst type of technology for sharing and collaboration. This info graphic is a good reminder of that fact.