We all make mistakes but airlines are best at learning from them

Editor’s note: A great piece on why it matters to learn from mistakes rather than brush them under the carpet.

Evidence-based management – the basic principles

Editor’s note: What is evidence-based management and what can learning professionals learn from it? This paper explains all and provides some practical example of evidence-based practice.

Rob Briner: Spend longer on evidence-based decision-making

Editor’s note: A simple way to break down evidence-based decision making here. I like the assumption that senior executives are paid to make decisions, so it follows they should know how to make good ones.

Andy Wooler on learning data and xAPI

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Editor’s note: Collecting the right data in the first place is going to be a key challenge for L&D professionals looking to build an evidence-based approach. Andy Wooler describes how his organisation is approaching the challenge.

Why Analytics Trumps Intuition in Today’s L&D

Editor’s note: The Towards Maturity Benchmark 2015 is now open and is an opportunity for organisations to reflect on their L&D activities and compare what they do against peers and top learning companies in their sector. This piece sets the context around the need for an evidence-based approach to L&D.

Evidence-based learning: it’s time to show what works

Editor’s note: OK, so this was written by one half of the LearnPatch team, but I still think there are some useful insights here from L&D practitioners.

Do you want to make a difference in L&D, or do you want to be liked?

Editor’s note: Evidence needn’t just apply to your own L&D initiatives, it can equally be applied to the theories that permeate L&D. Donald Taylor makes this point well and urges all L&D professionals to put evidence before learning myths.

Twenty tips for interpreting scientific claims

Editor’s note: With the almost daily claims of neuroscientific research and the push for evidence of learning effectiveness, L&D professionals would be wise to know how to cast a critical eye over research. This article helps with that. Thanks to @owenferguson for sharing.