Facebook now has 2 billion monthly users… and responsibility

Editor’s note: What a milestone. Facebook now has 2 billion monthly active users. This article also features a useful chart showing the monthly user numbers for some of the other big social networks.

Facebook study finds people only click on links that they agree with, site is an ‘echo chamber’

Editor’s note: When we consider the usefulness of curation we need to be mindful of ‘filter bubbles’. This articles shows how Facebook users create their own bubbles.

Fabulous or Fail: My Class Facebook Group Experiment

Editor’s note: Thanks to Julian Staddon for pointing us to this review of using Facebook Groups as a part of a college course. This is useful if you want to use Facebook Groups but also useful for highlighting why using tech such as this does and does not work for people.

Three short video reviews of the CIPD L&D Show 2014

Here are three short video reviews of the conference sessions we attended at the CIPD L&D Show 2014.

Facebook’s management operating system


Facebook’s management operating system is built on the strengths and passion of managers, according to Jeff Turner, head of learning and development EMEA at Facebook. talking at the CIPD’s L&D Show, Turner told delegates the social networking site provides dual track careers in which employees are either individual contributors or managers – both are seen […]

The era of Facebook is an anomaly

Editor’s note: Microsoft researcher Dana Boyd on how teenagers use the web. If one size does not fit all, then what are the implications for workplace tech?

Facebook Timeline designer releases an app for measuring your whole life

Editor’s note: Nicholas Felton, creator of the Facebook Timeline, has created an app that is designed for people to quantify their lives by answering questions about what they are doing each day. One of those questions is “What did you learn today?” Will learning tech go here?

Now Facebook can see inside your heart, too

Editor’s note: Facebook’s data-science team teases out who is romantically involved with whom by examining link structures.

Facebook or Twitter? How age and narcissism motivates the choice

Editor’s note: Research shows how age and narcissism motivate the choice of social media.

Which should I leave first, Twitter or Facebook?

Editor’s note: In the light of threats and more and more trolls, Paul Mason looks at the future of Twitter.

Slidedeck of the week: Quantifying the invisible audience in social networks

This deck from Michael Bernstein of the Stanford Computer Science Department, shares research on how Facebook users perceive the reach of the content they share. Throws up interesting issues around whether this data would then change user behaviour. Quantifying the Invisible Audience in Social Networks from Michael Bernstein

5 big things big data just revealed about Facebook users

Editor’s note: A look at a study from Wolfram Alpha which uses big data research methods to analyze Facebook users’ information

How Facebook design researchers evaluate the first-time user experience

Editor’s note: Chris Dannen, the editor of Co.Labs at FastCompany, sat down with Facebook UX Researcher Marco De Sa to learn his thoughts on enticing first-time users.

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook Home, money, and the future of communication

Editor’s note: One to read. With a billion users of hios service, Mark Zuckerberg shares some interesting insights into the growth of social interactions.

‘Facebook Home could change our brains’

Editor’s note: Neuroscientist Susan Greenfield on the Facebook Home app and why living ‘in the moment’ could be damaging for us.