The digital native is a myth

Editor’s note: Research suggests that younger people use technology no differently to older people. Learning designers beware . . .

The Timelessness of Millennial-Bashing

Editor’s note: It’s always good – and more necessary than ever? – to get the long view and the historical context to understand topics and trends. In this case: why the next generation is always so threatening.

Don’t want to work until you are 70? You will have to, says WEF

Editor’s note: So what are the implications for learning and developing people if they will be staying at work until they are 70?

Why Almost Everything You’ve Been Told About Millennials and Gen Z Is Wrong

Editor’s note: Some interesting research insights here. The message is simple: what little differences there are between #generations in the workplace are set to diminish. So, let’s stop labeling people based on their age (young or old).

What Do Millennials Really Want at Work? The Same Things the Rest of Us Do

Editor’s note: This is a research laden article that shows there is no evidence to suggest Millennials want anything different from work than any other generation.

Three reasons you need to adopt a Millennial mindset regardless of your age

Editor’s note: Generational labels aside, what will L&D look like in 2030, when 75% of the global workforce will be made up of Millennials – those who have grown up with technology.

Are Millennials really the ‘Me’ generation?

Editor’s note: Ambitious and not afraid to move around different jobs. Is that just a Millennial thing? yes, according to this article . . .