Android is ready for work

Editor’s note: This is a potentially huge move as Google launches Android for Work. Personal/professional profile and security issues seem to have been sorted so this Google for work offering looks compelling.

Google Glass sales halted but firm says kit is not dead

Editor’s note: So the pin up for wearable tech has been shown the side door at Google. The company says Glass will be back but in a different guise. Aside from the implications for wearable tech (it is still awaiting its killer app) this is Google failing and moving on. It seems to be a company that really practices what it preaches.

How Google Works

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Most companies are run to minimise risk and not to maximise, says Google chairman Eric Schmidt. This slide deck is great despite the fact it is brazen promotion of his new book.

Product lessons we can learn from Google

Editor’s note: Great insights on product design from one of the Google Plus designers.

Three short video reviews of the CIPD L&D Show 2014

Here are three short video reviews of the conference sessions we attended at the CIPD L&D Show 2014.

Google’s approach to learning: research how people learn and design for that

Technology giant google says social learning is at the core of the company’s approach to learning and development. Speaking at the CIPD L&D Show 2014, Aimee O’Malley, L&D business partner at Google, said that the role of L&D at Google was to ‘give colleagues the tools and infrastructure they need to learn and then get […]

Google debuts education tool Oppia for teaching others

Editor’s note: Google mixes content with a ‘smart feedback’ system to help guide the learning experience. It’s Google, so probably worth a look . . .

How Google search works and a whole bunch of search tips

Editor’s note: How good are you at finding information? This article provides lots of tips on how to get the best from Google search.

How Google sold its engineers on management

Editor’s note: A look at Google’s use of data to improve management performance.

Video of the week: How Google proved management matters

How data has powered management performance at Google.

Google reveals its 9 principles of innovation

Editor’s note: I think it fair to say that Google is pretty good at innovation. Here’s its approach to making it happen.

The new multi-screen world study

Editor’s note: Part of Google Insights research, this study shows how consumers use multiple devices to shop. The type of device experiences needed with learning tech.

Google quietly introduces Helpouts: Google+ Hangouts that connect people to experts

Editor’s note: Interesting development from Google – now you can get help from an ‘expert’ using Hangouts.

Google’s “20% time,” which brought you Gmail and AdSense, is now as good as dead – Quartz

Editor’s note: According to former Google employees, the company’s “20% time,” which allows employees to take one day a week to work on side projects, no longer exists.

Discover great in-depth articles on Google

Editor’s note: Google’s research shows 10% of people’s daily information needs are for longer articles which is why they have created a new feature to highlight longer articles.