HR Meets Data: How Your Boss Will Monitor You To Create The Quantified Workplace

Editor’s note: Scary or the saviour of productivity? This article looks at the quantified employee.

Social media in HR infographic

Editor’s note: Only 32% of employees use social media for L&D and other stats from recent CIPD research into social media.

Video: CIPD CEO Peter Cheese shares his vision for HR

Here is Peter Cheese’s keynote to the annual CIPD conference in Manchester.

How to start using data and evidence in HR

Editor’s note: Some practical steps to data reporting in HR. Remember: collect what you can usefully analyse.

Big data in human resources: a world of haves and have-nots

Editor’s note: Despite the fact the majority of organisations are investing in data analytics tools, this research by Bersin found that only 4% of companies have achieved the capability to perform “predictive analytics” about their workforce.

European HR: top 10 investment areas 2013-2014

Editor’s note: Amsterdam plays host to this week’s HR Tech Europe conference, Founder Marc Coleman looks at the HR tech that companies are looking to invest in.

Former HR head at ABN Amro: ‘We are beta-male chimpanzees’

Editor’s note: Thanks @sukhpabial for sharing this. Where to start? Jaw-dropping insights into city culture with insights on status and organisational culture.

Predicting the future of HR: all talk, not enough action

Editor’s note: I thought this piece resonated with Donald Taylor’s ideas around moving training out of its ghetto.

Social business: What it can mean for HR

Editor’s note: Research by Deloitte looks at what makes a social business and how HR could embed more social approaches to organisational processes.

HR departments invaded by data scientists

Editor’s note: A look at how GM is using data to help make the right people-related decisions.

Job hunters turned off by ‘unprofessional social media’

Editor’s note: Bit left field this one but it makes a good point – that social media used as just another communications channel misses the opportunity that this transformational technology brings. A lesson for L&D maybe?

Competency models – Understanding work in the network era

Editor’s note: John Husband re-examines competency models for a networked workforce.

How HR can take on a bigger role in driving growth

Editor’s note: Economist Insight research into how HR directors can position themselves to take a more strategic role in the organisation.

Best of the HR blogs March 2013: 18 great HR blog posts from March 2013

Editor’s note: A great round-up of HR related blog posts curated by Michael Carty on XpertHR.

Big data – opportunity or threat for HR and L&D?

Big data is both an opportunity and threat for HR teams, according Nick Holley, director of the Henley Business School Centre for HR Excellence. Holley spoke to us at the HR Tech Europe Spring Warm-Up, held in London. listen to ‘Nick Holley on the opportunities and threats of big data in HR’ on Audioboo