Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from

Editor’s note: Steven Johnson says that an idea is a network. Take that idea and you’ll look differently at how ideas are generated.

Infographic of the week: How many times should you try?

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 08.26.07

A good message in here for all of us – entrepreneurs or not. How much time and space do corporates give to exploring ideas? The reality is that it takes a lot longer than you might think to get a good idea off the ground. Thanks to Funders and Founders for creating the infographic.

The neuroscience of social influence

Editor’s note: fascinating research into the neuroscience behind idea sharing. The results make for interesting reading: “The spread of ideas depends on the messenger’s social-cognitive abilities, affect, and motivations, and less on IQ-type intelligence. None of the stages involved in social influence recruited brain regions typically associated with higher-level abstract reasoning and executive functioning (the frontal-parietal brain network).”

See – Attend – Act: a summary

Editor’s notes: Attend to the ‘weak signals’ in the organisation and make sure they are not crowded out by group-think.

Why do some ideas spread?

Editor’s note: A look at the new book from Jonah Berger entitled, Contagious: Why Things Catch On.

Mathematics of opinion formation reveals how moderation trumps extremism

Editor’s note: Academics explore why moderate views tend to be pushed out the way by more extreme views when it comes to the way ideas are shared.

9 ways to understand how ideas spread

Editor’s note: A great book list from Scott Berkun on how ideas spread. And not all the books on the list look at the here and now – it’s an interesting selection.

10 smart things I’ve learned from people who never went to college

Editor’s note: A great piece from David DiSalvo on some of the basic elements that help us learn and ultimately become wise. Now look at workplace learning through this filter and what do you see?