A Guide To The Perfect Instagram

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Editor’s note: Whether you use Instagram yourself or are helping colleagues or the organisation to use it, there are some great tips and tools here from an Instagram ‘star’.

A complete guide to creating awesome visual content

Editor’s note: A very useful and practical guide to creating visual content across networks.

What does the future hold for the mobile industry?

Editor’s note: Some mid-week crystal ball gazing on the future of mobile with interesting expert comment.

Ready for your close-up? Distance at which facial photos are taken influences perception

Editor’s note: With Instagram overtaking Twitter on mobile devices we know the importance of images. And we also know the importance of images in learning content, and in our own avatars, etc, which is why this research is worth a look.

The 60-second guide to teaching with tablets

Editor’s note: An interesting infographic looking at how tablets are being used by teachers to enhance the learning process. Food for thought here for how tablets can be used for workplace learning.