Fixing Learning & Education in 5 mins (well actually more like 8)

Editor’s note: In this short video Nick Shackleton-Jones provides a compelling approach for learning at work. The resources and experiences approach is underpinned by designing with and for the user.

IBM is ending its decades-old remote work policy

Editor’s note: A pioneer of remote working, IBM, is asking employees to become office-based. It’s interesting to see the thinking behind the decision. Is this a big business problem being solved here? That is, IBM need to have start-up type environments to speed up innovation and that means people working together in the same place? Clearly there is a also cost-saving dimension to this.

The future of the professions: how technology will transform the work of human experts

Editor’s note: Daniel Susskind talks through the book The future of the professions which he co-authored with his father Richard. There are some great insights here into what innovation could like like for L&D and HR.

Understanding the Job

Editor’s note: If you are trying to improve a learning product or service then it pays to figure out the job that product or service is there to do. Thanks to Nick Shackleton-Jones for pointing to this.

Accenture builds proprietary platform IdeaHarvester for curation of employee ideas

Accenture is revving up its innovation engine in India with a series of initiatives as it looks to tap its over 1,30,000 base of employees in the country.   Curated from  

The Future Of Music: A Manifesto For Executives, Creatives And Artists

Editor’s note: This is a long read but well worth it. Analyst Brian Solis looks at current innovation in the music industry, who is winning and who isn’t. Music is at the bedding edge of tech disruption so there are some useful insight for us all.

Five Examples of Companies With Internal Innovation Programs

Editor’s note: Always good to see some examples of how companies are innovating – these five are using labs to develop new ideas and thinking.

Two innovations that have changed learning forever

Editor’s note: Social media and mobile phones have given learners everywhere a capability to discover, create, repurpose, share and amplify content, according to Steve Wheeler.

How Lego Became The Apple Of Toys

Editor’s note: This is a great story of the ups and downs of Lego, of change, innovation and creativity.

The path to successful digital transformation starts with pockets of innovation

Editor’s note: Some good examples here of how companies are trying to transform themselves for the digital world.

Purpose drives innovation, says former Unilever HR chief


The concept of purpose has driven an #innovation culture at #unilever, according to Geoff McDonald, former VP of HR at Unilever. McDonald told delegates at the World of Learning Conference 2014 that four years ago Unilever, facing a decreasing share price and profits warning, had to radically rethink its business. The result was a focus […]

The 7 key principles for an innovation mindset

Curated from ##innovation can start with small steps and these small steps will enable anyone to start to be more innovative in what they do.

Christensen’s disruptive innovation after the Lepore critique

Editor’s note: Great analysis of the theory of disruptive innovation following its recent high profile critique by Jill Lepore.

NYT innovation report 2014

Editor’s note: The internal report from The New York Times’s new ideas task force on how the paper could/should innovate in the digital era.

Rich incentives for innovation yield a flood of mediocre ideas

Editor’s note: This HBR factoid points to research that shows big incentives yield many mediocre ideas. Best stick with more modest incentives.