40 maps that explain the internet

Editor’s note: Despite the US focus, this is a useful way of showing how the internet has grown and penetrated in to different areas of our lives.

5 fascinating graphs that show how we use the internet

Editor’s note: Pew has produced a report to mark 25 years of the world wide web. Here are five graphs from that report that show how use of the web has soared as well as what we think of the web.

Infographic of the week: The Internet a decade later

A good reminder of how things have moved on . . . Source: getelastic.com via LearnPatch on Pinterest

What does the future hold for the mobile industry?

Editor’s note: Some mid-week crystal ball gazing on the future of mobile with interesting expert comment.

Online attitudes predict individuals’ compulsive and excessive Internet use and poor wellbeing

Editor’s note: Researchers are exploring how specific online communication attitudes – such as individuals’ tendency for online self-disclosure, online social connection, and online anxiety – predicted their compulsive and excessive Internet use. Does excessive participation in social networks foster compulsive and excessive Internet use?

In an Internet minute

Editor’s note: Steve Wheeler shared this slide at the World of Learning conference. It’s a great image which reflects the exponential growth in the web and user-generated content.