Learning styles and the importance of critical self-reflection

Editor’s note: Dr Tesia Marshik, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, gets stuck into why learning styles are a myth, something she touched upon at this week’s Learning technologies Conference.

All You Need to Know About the ‘Learning Styles’ Myth, in Two Minutes

Editor’s note: Another article that shows that the idea we have learning styles is not based on any evidence. The idea just won’t go away and many learning professionals continue to hold on to it. Why is that?

Listen closely, learning styles are a lost cause

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Editor’s note: Another piece debunking learning styles and other approaches to learning that we see used in organisations. This article is aimed at teachers – these approaches to learning are alive and well in both schools and places of work.

Is teaching to a student’s “learning style” a bogus idea?

Editor’s note: This looks at (and for!) the academic research and evidence to support the idea that teaching to someone’s learning style is more effective. There is very little evidence to support this notion.

A convenient untruth

Editor’s note: A well referenced article by Steve Wheeler on why not to get hung up on learning styles.

‘No evidence of a good way to categorise learners in order to teach or train them’

Speaking on a recent webinar on neuroscience, organised by the CIPD members Linkein Group, Bristol University’s Dr Paul Howard Jones told listeners that despite the fact we all have learning preferences there is no convincing evidence to suggest that teaching someone in their preferred learning style gives them any benefit. Answering questions on learning styles […]

Video: Does Peter Honey believe in his own learning styles model?

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Prompted by a tweet during his session at the Charity Learning Conference 2012, Peter Honey defended his learning styles model of learning which he created 30 years ago. In a session on beliefs, Honey was asked whether his beliefs held true when it came to his learning style model which he created three decades ago. […]