The Learning Facilitators Charter

Editor’s note: A very simple charter for anyone responsible for facilitating learning from David Goddin. It doesn’t need to be any more complex does it?

How to survive the death of training by Performance Consulting

Editor’s note: This week’s Chat2lrn Twitter chat is on performance consulting. This post will get you thinking about the role of performance consulting in L&D and what it means for L&D professionals.

What can our hobbies teach us about learning?

Editor’s note: Today’s Chat2lrn Twitter chat is on hobbies and to get the ball rolling, this post looks at the role of hobbies in the learning process.

Happy workaholics need boundaries, not balance

Editor’s note: This quote sums up the difference between boundaries and balance when it comes to work: ‘Bad boundaries lead to either being overwhelmed or withdrawal. Good boundaries lead to wholeness and synergy.’

Measuring adult skills: What can you do?

Editor’s note: A look at what the recent figures on OECD adult skills tell us about skills and vocational training.

The science of chunking, working memory, and how pattern recognition fuels creativity

Editor’s note: Cambridge neuroscientist Daniel Bor, author of The Ravenous Brain: How the New Science of Consciousness Explains Our Insatiable Search for Meaning looks at how pattern-recognition is essential to consciousness and our entire experience of life.

PCs and tablets won’t be marketplace rivals for long

Editor’s note: How should we bethinking about technology? Although PCs are in decline they represent a big chunk of the market. Maybe consumers are just going with what they feel comfortable with . . .

Is L&D ready for the future?

Editor’s note: LPI chairman Donald Taylor on results from the LPI’s Capability Map that have been released today. Is L&D the bottleneck to business transformation?

Compliance – e-learning’s greatest friend and worst enemy

Editor’s note: Clive Shepherd reflects on Towards Maturity’s latest research into compliance training.

Beyond Kirkpatrick: evaluating informal learning

Editor’s note: A useful blog post on measuring informal learning ahead of today’s #chat2lrn Twitter chat on the same topic.

Roll out a barrel…

Editor’s note: Andrew Jacobs shares more of his thinking on how the CIPD could be more relevant to L&D professionals.

Using stories in learning

Editor’s note: Tomorrow’s #chat2lrn Twitter chat is on storytelling in learning. Does it have a place in organisations? This post sets the context for the discussion.

Welcome to the Social Age

Editor’s note: We are in a social age, says Julian Stodd, who reflects on his lecture to postgraduate students in Dublin. That said, many organisations fail to realise we are in a social age, he says.

Formal learning: Anxiety

Editor’s note: Nick Shackleton-Jones explores anxiety in learning and how and why it has become a part of schooling. He then looks at the role of affective context and how this can be used to flip the experience. Interesting look at how we learn and how we can improve the learning interventions we provide.

The importance of synchronicity

Editor’s note: Reflective piece by Clive Shepherd on synchronicity in learning – can we make more of being together, learning together? Shepherd thinks so.