Lifelong learning helps people, governments and business. Why don’t we do more of it?

Editor’s note: The evidence that learning throughout our lives is good for us, our communities and our societies. So why aren’t we doing more to support this – and that includes employers?

Lifelong learning is becoming an economic imperative

Editor’s note: Automation generates jobs but humans will have to keep learning new skills to capitalise on what automation brings. You could summarise the article in a few words: the need for lifelong learning.

The lifetime learner: A journey through the future of post-secondary education

Editor’s note: A long read on the tech transformation of =education and learning and implications for how we learn throughout our working lives.

Lifelong learning – the key to helping manage change

Melanie Lepine

LearnPatch is interviewing some of the speakers at the forthcoming World of Learning Conference and Exhibition. Here, Roisin Woolnough talks to Melanie Lepine, manager, global delivery strategy and deployment at American Express.   The world around us is changing all the time and that change happens whether we like it or not. The world of […]

Is lifelong learning on the agenda for L&D?


Take a look at any learning trends article for the year ahead and there will feature plenty on learners doing it for themselves: putting learning in the hands of the learner, personalisation etc. No one would argue against this trend towards learners managing their own learning – we all know that’s how we learn best […]