Building a better hierarchy: Why middle managers matter

Editor’s note: This is an excellent article on why organisations need managers. The evidence, and there is plenty cited here, suggests that removing managers has a negative impact on the organisation.

How the Next Big Management Ideas Will Arise

Editor’s note: Context and how ideas and thinking are adopted and put into practice are what changes – management thinking not necessarily so.

UK businesses miss out on £84 billion a year due to poor people management

Editor’s note: If yet another piece of research was needed to support better people management in organisations then here it is!

Has 10 years’ worth of management training been a waste of money? CIPD research suggests so


The quality of #management in the UK continues to trail the USA, Germany and other productivity leaders and is one of the key reasons behind the UK’s long-standing productivity weakness, according to the #cipd. In its report, Are UK organisations getting better at managing their people? the CIPD reviews the available evidence on people management […]

Video of the week: Gary Hamel on the Future of Management

We love this video from #gary hamel. So, where is #management headed? Hamel provides his view . . . whilst also casting aside legacy thinking about the role of management.

If you’re not helping people develop, you’re not management material

Editor’s note: This article focuses on the role of the manager in developing people and provides some useful tips on how managers can get the best from their teams.

Why questioning tried and true management systems is critical to redesigning our work environments

Editor’s note: A look at holacracy and disruption in organisational development, something that was much talked about at this week’s Learning Technologies conference.

Holacracy: the hot management trend for 2014?

Editor’s note: so what’s holacracy? This article will explain and help make sense of organisations without job tiles.

How Google sold its engineers on management

Editor’s note: A look at Google’s use of data to improve management performance.

Video of the week: How Google proved management matters

How data has powered management performance at Google.

The TED of all leadership management conferences – a review of the Drucker Forum 2013

Editor’s note: Review of the recent Drucker Forum in Vienna – a good snapshot of what the management thinkers are thinking.

Why managers haven’t embraced complexity

Editor’s note: The world of work has become more complex but have managers embraced that fact? Richard Straub looks at the issues.

Learning about management from open source projects

Editor’s note: Scott Berkun shares some insights on open source working from his time working at the open source publishing platform

GoodPractice pays it forward with free leadership and management development resources


Management resource provider GoodPractice is launching an online toolkit to support learning, training and HR professionals who focus on developing the talent and skills of leaders and managers. It contains hundreds of resources which can be accessed online. The aim of the toolkit is to provide an on-demand, informal hub of expertise where users can […]

Kenexa Releases the industry’s first social LMS, an integral part of its learning suite

Editor’s note: Hot on the heels of being bought by IBM, Kenexa announces the latest version of its learning management system. The company claims it is a ‘social’ LMS, which means it has a range of collaborative features in-built.