Interactive Content Fuels Customer Experiences

Editor’s note: Research from the Content Marketing Institute shows that marketers are increasingly using interactive content as a part of their marketing effort. Should L&D be creating this type of content to engage employees in ideas and resources?

Your Marketing to Millennials Is Failing Because of Your Stereotypes

Editor’s note: Does this resonate for you as an L&D professional? is the Millennial badge useful or not. with many different generations in the workplace it would be better to target their specific needs not their age. L&D, like marketing, shares similar challenges.

How to succeed with visual content, according to Instagram’s top creative

Editor’s note: Some good tips on how to use visual content from a marketing perspective.

19 innovative startups set to revolutionise marketing

Editor’s note: This article shows the future trajectory of content as envisioned by marketing start-ups. This is well worth a read to see how content is being created, curated and consumed.

Buzzfeed: brand relevance in the social web

Editor’s note: The growth of Buzzfeed is very interesting. Built on lists and curation, the site is arguably very in tune with how mobile web users like to consume and share content. This article looks at Buzzfeed’s approach to content and what others can learn from it.

10 must-know digital marketing statistics to inform your marketing in 2014

Editor’s note: This is what consumers do with tech. They are employees too so these trends are definitely worth a look.

Institute of Digital Marketing: resources

Editor’s note: A range of free resources from the Institute of Digital Marketing – well worth a look for seeing what the marketing community is discussing.

The big data arms race part two: consumer perceptions

Editor’s note: The second in a two-part look at how technology and data is changing the marketing profession. Here we look at consumers’ perception of the data companies hold on them and how that is used for marketing purposes.

The big data arms race part one: marketers’ perceptions

Editor’s note: The first in a two-part look at how technology and data is changing the marketing profession. Worth a look not only to see the impact on marketing but also to get some idea on what this means for L&D.

Top benefits of data-driven decision-making

Editor’s note: One in two global marketers systematically or routinely use data when making decisions, according to research from Teradata. Lessons here for L&D?

Breaking the L&D bubble at #AMC13

Editor’s note: Craig Taylor previews a marketing conference he is attending and in so doing shows why it is important for L&D to look outside of what he calls the ‘L&D bubble’ for different perspectives.

What can marketing teach L&D?

Editor’s note: Ahead of today’s #chat2lrn Twitter chat on what L&D can learn from marketing, the #chat2lrn crew share some pre-reading and useful links.