How the iPhone changed marketing forever

Editor’s note: This is great reminder of the impact the iphone has had on our lives.

A Sociology of the Smartphone

Editor’s note: This is a long and worthwhile read that explores how the mobile has changed our everyday lives.

Deloitte Mobile Consumer 2016

Editor’s note: Great data and insights here into how people use their phones. It includes a great graphic on how phones are used in a typical day and night.

Interactive video: the next big thing in mobile

Editor’s note: If you are an eLearning Guild member you can see all of this article, if not you get a taster for why interactive video could be a game changer for learning content. Rather than consume you interact.

Slidedeck of the week: 50 powerful statistics about tech mega trends affecting every business

Ten stats on five mega trends in IT: mobile, social, cloud, apps and big data. 50 Powerful Statistics About Tech Mega Trends Affecting Every Business from Vala Afshar

The alternative is nothing

Editor’s note: A must-read for anyone look at mobile learning. This article looks at the broader perspective of mobile as a disruptive technology. Remember, for millions of people mobile is the web.

The ambient economy

Editor’s note: Smart watches will give us access to even more information that will be tailored to who we are. But what will be the impact of this ambient revolution?

The growing intricacies of responsive web design

Editor’s note: The methods and techniques for optimizing multidevice accessible Web sites are becoming more complex. Here’s a look at how responsive design is evolving.

The digital native myth: Why we still need to teach kids HOW to use the iPad

Editor’s note: I liked the angle on this piece – cut through the myths and you find kids need help on tablets. And then think about adults in the workplace. Wouldn’t they benefit from some help too?

The new multi-screen world study

Editor’s note: Part of Google Insights research, this study shows how consumers use multiple devices to shop. The type of device experiences needed with learning tech.

Mobilise the data plan – infographic

Editor’s note: Infographic showing how often we use mobiles and what we use them for.

Social sharing behavior more prevalent on mobiles than desktops

Editor’s note: People are much more likely to share content on mobile devices compared to desktops. Implications for learning content? Thaks to @andrewjacobsld for sharing

How IBM plans to rule mobile

Editor’s note: You may not think of putting IBM and mobile together, but you should as this article explains.

Apple pushes hard for education market with iOS 7 improvements

Editor’s note: A look at how Apple’s latest mobile operating system Ios7 is targeting the education market. Thanks to @designedlearnin for sharing.

Corporate training can’t ignore mobile

Editor’s note: Short post that features a simple approach to designing learning for mobile.