MOOCs: learning about online learning, one click at a time

Editor’s note: This is a useful article shared by the CIPD’s Andy Lancaster. It looks at how analytics can shape online learning design and links to related research.

Coursera’s Rick Levin on the Evolution of MOOCs and Microcredentials

Editor’s note: Interesting to note that corporates are seen as a big growth area for MOOC provider Coursera. Some good insights here into how the platform is developing the user experience and the changing nature of credentials.

Coursera’s new skill search could do for learning what Netflix did for TV

Editor’s note: Interesting to see that the former Netflix director of product innovation is now at Coursera. Even more interesting that users will be able to find content in MOOCs based on the skills they are trying to develop.

Coursera’s New Strategy Takes Inspiration From Netflix—and LinkedIn

Editor’s note: Interesting to see how Coursera is shifting towards a subscription based approach that appeals more to lifelong learning and skills.

Online Education Is Now a Global Market

Editor’s note: In this interview, Simon nelson who heads up FutureLearn, talks about the future of MOOCs. This is an interesting, unfolding narrative for employers.

Coursera expands into corporate learning and development

Editor’s note: The big MOOC providers see good revenue from corporates. Here comes Coursera.

How do you design and facilitate a year-long MOOC?

Editor’s note: In this interview Craig Taylor shares some great insights into designing engaging online learning experiences. The lessons here are relevant to all online learning not just MOOCs.

Coursera Pivots To Focus On Job Training

Editor’s note: MOOC platform Coursera is looking to work with companies to provide bespoke courses. It’s an interesting move, which opens up more options for organisations. Thanks to Jane Hart for sharing this.

L&D most resistant to trying out MOOCs

Research from Future Workplace shows that despite the fact nearly half of organisations are interested in curating or creating Massive Open Online Courses (#moocs), L&D teams are the ones most resistant to using them. The study of 222 HR and learning directors asked ‘Who would be the most resistant to the idea of curating MOOCs?’ […]

Learning analytics and more – an interview with Ben Betts

An interesting podcast here from Nick Ribeiro talking to #ben betts on a range of topics from learning #analytics to #moocs and beyond.  

The value of MOOCs for business in one video

Corporate learning manager Craig Taylor produced this video as an assignment for a massive open online course (MOOC) he took on learning how to learn. It manages to explain why corporates should be looking at sending colleagues on MOOCs. How so? The MOOC Taylor participated in was free – the resource here is the time […]

Meet the New, Self-Appointed MOOC Accreditors: Google and Instagram

Editor’s note: It’s interesting to see how the use of MOOC platforms is evolving. Now big companies are working with Coursera to bridge the academic/workplace divide with short courses tackling real world projects.

Stop thinking of MOOCs as the new shiny, start seeing them for what they are

Screenshot 2015-02-04 22.09.01

Last week Sam Burrough and I ran a session at the Learning and Technologies Conference entitled ‘##moocs: are they just misundersttood?’ In that session we shared this quote by Simon Nelson, the CEO of FutureLearn, the Open University’s MOOC platform, which sums up our approach to MOOCS. Rather than perceiving them as the new shiny […]

Why MOOCs are Failing the People They’re Supposed to Help

Editor’s note: This is a well referenced article that provides a recent history of how MOOCs have developed and how successful they have been. Its focus is higher education but the research cited is very useful.

MOOC myth busting

"Looks like someone's living in the past....contemporise man."

Online learning consultant Sam Burrough will be presenting a session on Massive Open Online Courses, MOOCS, are they just misunderstood?, at the Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition 2015. Here he takes a look at some of the myths that surround the acronym.  Let’s start with the acronym… MOOCs have to be MASSIVE They don’t have […]