Donald Clark’s 10 facts about learning

Editor’s note: A list of 10 scientifically proven ways to change thinking on how learning can be designed and delivered.

Learning styles and the importance of critical self-reflection

Editor’s note: Dr Tesia Marshik, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, gets stuck into why learning styles are a myth, something she touched upon at this week’s Learning technologies Conference.

Do you want to make a difference in L&D, or do you want to be liked?

Editor’s note: Evidence needn’t just apply to your own L&D initiatives, it can equally be applied to the theories that permeate L&D. Donald Taylor makes this point well and urges all L&D professionals to put evidence before learning myths.

Neuroscience mythology hampers teaching

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Interesting piece on how neuromyths are adopted by teachers. Something to watch our for in corporate learning too.

Everything you’ve ever been told about how you learn is a lie

Editor’s note: Three popular myths about how we learn debunked.

Scientists debunk the myth that 10,000 hours of practice makes you an expert

Editor’s note: Can 10,000 hours of deliberate practice make you an expert? The science questions that assumption.

Busting learning myths

Editor’s note: Thanks to Donald Taylor for sharing this link, which looks at three myths that you may not have heard talked about before. If you invest training time and money in someone will they take it and then leave?

Memory and learning: myths and truths

Editor’s note: Useful run down of myths about memory and learning from Dr Piotr Wozniak. Thankyou to @rapidbi for sharing

The 5 biggest myths about online learning

Editor’s notes: Useful infographic with data to back up the points, or rather to disprove the myths.