When it’s just so obvious no training is needed, it hurts to watch

Editor’s note: In this article, Charles Jennings suggests system and process training should be consigned to the bin. Instead, L&D should focus on the performance problem that needs to be fixed.

When the free BMWs and movie deals came, Leicester believed their own hype

Editor’s note: Some interesting insights here from Matthew Syed, author of Black Box Thinking, into why football league champions Leicester City have performed less well this season, sparking the sacking of their manager.

Making Learning Work

Editor’s note: In this article Charles Jennings describes the mindset shift required to move from ‘learning then work’ to ‘learning from work’. A fundamental shift for corporate learning.

Fly on the wall: how Team Sky are preparing for more Tour glory

Editor’s note: This is a really interesting read from Matthew Syed on how the cycling team Team Sky focus on marginal gains to improve performance.

Why Formal Learning Is Just Not Enough

Editor’s note: Charles Jennings was talking 70:20:10 at this week’s Learning Technologies Conference. Here he shares his thinking on performance and how learning supports it.

Empathy in the workplace

Editor’s note: This research from the Center for Creative Leadership shows that empathy is positively related to job performance.

Executives ignore valuable employee actions that they can’t measure

Editor’s note: Great piece on performance and big data and why organisations need to factor in qualitative data to ensure the quirks and realities of human behaviour are captured and related to performance.

Taking breaks – you’re doing it wrong

Editor’s note: Interesting piece on why you should take breaks between doing mentally and physically demanding tasks. Put simply, you body (and brain) needs time to recharge otherwise it becomes less effective.

Big data in human resources: a world of haves and have-nots

Editor’s note: Despite the fact the majority of organisations are investing in data analytics tools, this research by Bersin found that only 4% of companies have achieved the capability to perform “predictive analytics” about their workforce.

Do bonus schemes result in high performance?

Editor’s note: Two recent pieces of research look at whether or not a reward scheme can help create a high-performance organisation. The conclusion: bonuses and reward systems do not show a significant correlation with organisational performance.

Workplace Trends: wellbeing and performance

Editor’s note: A review of the Workplace Trends conference, which this year focused on health and wellbeing – two key factors to improved performance and productivity.

Bob Mosher Keynote Mindmap #PSS12

Editor’s note: Clark Quinn provides a great mindmap from Bob Mosher’s keynote to the Performance Support Symposium.

The fall and rise of performance support

Editor’s note: Marc Rosenberg provides a short analysis of where performance support has come from and where it is now. This is a hot area for L&D as the focus shifts from training to helping colleagues as they perform their day-to-day tasks.