Bad managers to blame for UK’s productivity crisis, says Bank of England’s chief economist 

Editor’s note: The Bank of England’s chief economist claims low productivity is a result of poor management. Is he right? Isn’t there a fundamental design fault in most managers’ job roles – that they have to mix technical and management tasks and that they are rewarded for technical, not management goals?

Why Employees At Apple And Google Are More Productive

Editor’s note: The key to success for these companies is to create the right teams and have good leaders. Interesting to see the focus on teams rather than only the star performers.

Email Takes Up 28% of Workers’ Time [REPORT]

Editor’s note: This survey is a couple of years old but I can’t imagine much has changed – or has it? If not, a quarter of the day spent managing emails seems like a enormous drain on resources.

The business case against overtime

Editor’s note: According to Yoshie Komuro, the number of Japanese people who work overtime is higher than any other country, but the contributing value of each individual is the lowest among the industrialized countries.

UK businesses miss out on £84 billion a year due to poor people management

Editor’s note: If yet another piece of research was needed to support better people management in organisations then here it is!

The Future of Productivity

Screenshot 2015-08-28 12.13.45

Editor’s note: The OECD has developed an area of its website that looks at the global productivity picture. There’s lots in here including comparative data between countries and insight and analysis into productivity and growth.

Working hours: Proof that you should get a life

Editor’s note: Longer hours equal lower productivity. So why do we believe the opposite?

The future of the UK jobs market

Editor’s note: I was lucky enough to be in the panel debate on labour market trends at this week’s CIPD conference. Luckily Tim Scott did a great job capturing the debate. This debate frames all we do in L&D in my opinion.

The best tools to (productively) gamify every aspect of your life

Editor’s note: Whether you want to use these tools yourself or explore then for inspiration in how to develop apps that provoke behaviour change at work, this is a useful list of consumer productivity enhancing tools.

Employees are more productive when they can tweet

Editor’s note: It’s a small survey but an interesting take on social media usage at work. This research shows that employees are happier and more productive if they spend breaks talking to others via social media (as opposed to consuming content such as videos).

The five cognitive distortions of people who get things done

Editor’s note: Interesting list of attributes – some of which were talked about at this week’s Learning Live conference.

When do apps become rituals?

Editor’s note: Insights into to-do lists, tasks, habits and rituals from Omer Perchick CEO of productivity app Any.DO.

What happened to the internet productivity miracle?

Editor’s note: Analysis of the impact of technology on productivity. This quote sums up the piece: ‘At a time when digital technology has been exalted to a position of almost religious authority, productivity growth has fallen—not just in the United States but in other advanced nations, too.’

10 apps to increase your HR work productivity

Editor’s note: A two-part article including useful tools for working on secure documents whilst outside the firewall.

How we work: Whitson Gordon’s favorite gear and productivity tricks

Editor’s note: Productivity tips site Lifehacker is worth following for tips and tricks on how to make technology make your life easier. Lifehacker is currently running a series on how some of its team uses technology and tools to make their working lives easier. Some useful tools mentioned here.