BrewDog graduate programme launched

Editor’s note: Here’s an interesting approach to recruitment. Could this be aped in learning design too – using short videos to recommend people and ideas? This move also reflects the fact people are becoming increasingly comfortable using video as a part of people processes.

Guess Who Doesn’t Fit In at Work

Editor’s note: This is a great piece on why hiring for cultural fit is becoming the new form of discrimination. Hiring managers are recruiting people based on who they like, not what they will bring to the role.

How data analytics is transforming the hiring process

Editor’s note: This article alludes to some very interesting things such as using data to help hire diverse teams. We know the traditional hiring process based on interviews is laced with biases which sees hiring managers tends towards hiring people like them. Could data help create more diverse teams?

New study shows when employees are likely to leave their jobs

Screenshot 2014-12-03 17.13.03

Editor’s note: Fascinating data looking at how long employees tend to stay with an employer – cast your assumptions aside and see how the data can help with your approaches to recruitment and people development.

Why MOOCs might revolutionize your recruiting methods

Editor’s note: Could the L&D team help the recruitment team and could this in turn help develop internal skills? Yes, according to Kevin Wheeler’s article.

Worth not birth: why the workplace is going backwards in class equality

Editor’s note: Thanks to the anonymous L&D blogger (mentioned in another link) for pointing to this piece on class and social mobility in the workplace. Unfortunately, it is live and well and having a detrimental on business.

Job hunters turned off by ‘unprofessional social media’

Editor’s note: Bit left field this one but it makes a good point – that social media used as just another communications channel misses the opportunity that this transformational technology brings. A lesson for L&D maybe?

Employers are from Mars, young people are from Venus: addressing the young people/jobs mismatch

Editor’s note: A lot of research coming from the CIPD this week. This report shows looks at the mismatch between employers’ expectations of young people during the recruitment process and young people’s understanding of what is expected of them.