Becoming influential as an L&D practitioner

Editor’s note: It’s interesting to see the two traits that mark out ‘influential’ L&D professionals. They are: keeping up to date with trends and the latest thinking an turning this insight into practical solutions.

Survey and infographic: L&D Trends on Twitter in 2016

Editor’s note: JollyDeck has analysed hot L&D topics identified by Donald Taylor’s research to see if the trends stack up against what L&D professionals talk about on Twitter. The digested results: L&D loves tech.

Sleep loss ‘starts arguments at work’

Editor’s note: File under ‘factors that influence performance and productivity’. This research does not offer solutions but acts as a reminder that sleep, or lack of it, can be damaging for the workplace.

Why Almost Everything You’ve Been Told About Millennials and Gen Z Is Wrong

Editor’s note: Some interesting research insights here. The message is simple: what little differences there are between #generations in the workplace are set to diminish. So, let’s stop labeling people based on their age (young or old).

Millions of UK workers at risk of being replaced by robots, study says

Editor’s note: Yet another report, this time by PwC, that predicts huge job losses as a result of automation. This article rightly raises questions around the implication of automation on education and lifelong learning.

Gig economy boosts income for many of its 1.3 million workers – but thousands could be missing out on employment rights

Editor’s note: The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has published research into the gig economy – what it is, its size and what working life is like for gig economy workers.

Qualitative feedback the number one tool L&D uses to measure impact, survey shows

Screenshot 2017-03-07 08.50.54

The number one method used by L&D professionals to measure the impact of learning is qualitative feedback from attendees at instructor-led classes, according to #research carried out by #linkedin. The #2017 workplace learning report shows that of the 500 L&D professionals surveyed most depend on qualitative feedback from attendees or satisfaction surveys to measure impact […]

The old rules versus the new rules of corporate learning

Screenshot 2017-02-28 11.40.47

#deloitte has just just published its 2017 Global Human capital Trends 2017 report. In its section on learning there is an interesting table on the old rules versus the new rules of learning. Read the full report here.

We Are Wired To Be Outside

Editor’s note: In this interview, Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative, explains why we all need a regular dose of nature. Surely something we should take more seriously in our working routines?

The L&D Global Sentiment Survey 2017

885 people participated from 60 countries, casting a total of 2,364 votes for their choices of up to three of the 15 available options. The single question they were asked was:       Curated from Donald Taylor’s L&D sentiment #research shows what L&D professionals consider to be the big #trends for the year ahead.

The question employers are wary to ask: when are you going to retire?

Editor’s note; Very interesting to see what a challenge it is for employers to talk about retirement with their employees.

2017 Edelman Trust Barometer

Editor’s note: This annual survey, now in its 17th year, shows that 60% of workers worry about losing their jobs due to lack of training and skills. Interesting findings on the role of organisations in building trust.

Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from

Editor’s note: Steven Johnson says that an idea is a network. Take that idea and you’ll look differently at how ideas are generated.

In Search of the Best Available Evidence

Editor’s note: This CIPD report looks at the need for organisations to take evidence-backed approaches to HR and L&D.

Growth mindset is on a firm foundation, but we’re still building the house

Editor’s note: In this article, Carol Dweck outlines the body of research that informs her work (and that of others) into the growth mindset. A great source of links to supporting research.