The Secret Online Lives of UK Managers – curated tweets

Here are our edited tweets from the launch of #good practice‘s #research into how UK #managers find information online to help them do their jobs. The launch took place in London on HMS Belfast on 24 November 2016. [View the story “Google it: The Secret Online Lives of UK Managers” on Storify]

Glacial pace of change in L+D prompts Towards Maturity to focus on tactics that work


Despite the fact learning and development professionals want to change the way they design and deliver learning only a tiny proportion are having any success at doing so, according to #towards maturity #research of more than 600 L&D professionals and 5,000 employees. Published in a report, Unlocking Potential, the research shows that 95% of L&D […]

Sandy Pentland: Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread

Editor’s note: The work of Sandy Pentland was mentioned a couple of times at the CIPD’s annual conference. Here Pentland talks through his concept of social physics and how it explains how we behave as social beings in the workplace.

On the Face of It: The Psychology of Electability

Editor’s note: Psychologist Alexander Todorov researches the way we perceive others and the information that actually helps us make decisions about others. His work has important implications for recruiting and promoting others.

How Long Should Your Next Video Be?

Editor’s comment: Useful piece of research here into more than half a million videos on Youtube which looks at the relationship between length of video and viewer engagement.

Deloitte Mobile Consumer 2016

Editor’s note: Great data and insights here into how people use their phones. It includes a great graphic on how phones are used in a typical day and night.

IBM Smarter Workforce Institute

Editor’s note: A lot of research papers here on topics ranging from trust and learning to workforce analytics. Looks like a useful resource.

Becoming influential as an L&D practitioner

Editor’s note: If you want to have impact as an L&D professional, stay up top date with the latest research and thinking and turn this into practical solutions for your organisation. Simples.

Young people living in a ‘suspended adulthood’, finds research

Editor’s note: Research shows alarmingly high levels of young people, especially women, lack self-confidence. Clearly, this presents a whole range of challenges for organisations. What role should L&D play?

2016 Internet Trends Report

Editor’s note: A great piece of research that shows the growth of the internet, technology trends and much more. Well worth a read.

MacArthur ‘Genius’ Angela Duckworth Responds To A New Critique Of Grit

Editor’s note: It would seem that having grit isn’t quite as important as you may have been led to believe. Interesting and useful critique of the work of Angela Duckworth.

Inside the Heads of UK Managers

Editor’s note: New research by GoodPractice reveals the challenges that managers find most difficult and frustrating. This is a good report to benchmark against. What are the challenges and frustrations of managers in your organisation?

Employee-led, integrated learning is the new normal

Editor’s note: Latest employee research from the CIPD shows that organisations are slowly adopting more agile approaches to learning, such as embedding learning in the workflow. It’s slow progress though.

Peer support, coaching and on-the-job learning are ‘most useful’ forms of learning, CIPD research reveals


Latest #research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development shows that training methods that support learning in the workflow are the most useful forms of learning for employees. The research of 2,000 adults shows that training from peers is the most useful (95%), followed by coaching (92%) and on-the-job learning (91%). Despite the popularity […]

This is a big creativity killer

Editor’s note: Getting territorial about ideas can kill creativity, says this report. The answer is to put as much emphasis on creative feedback and nurturing ideas as the idea itself.