Sleep loss ‘starts arguments at work’

Editor’s note: File under ‘factors that influence performance and productivity’. This research does not offer solutions but acts as a reminder that sleep, or lack of it, can be damaging for the workplace.

Are you getting enough sleep?

Editor’s note: Great little guide to sleep from the BBC. If we are more alert, productive and happy when we have more sleep then surely we should try and get some more . . .?

‘Sleeping On It’ Really Does Help You Solve Your Problems

Editor’s note: Research suggests that ‘sleeping on it’ can help solve more complex problems.

When feeling anxious, it really does help to get more sleep

Editor’s note: A look at the wider context in which we learn, this piece examines the role of sleep in helping beat anxiety.

To get more sleep, get more sunlight

Editor’s note: More light during the day leads to better sleep at night, according to research. It also leads to happier, more healthy employees.