We need to talk about TED

Editor’s note: So what happens as a result of a TED talk? Really interesting counter-point to TED’s enduring popularity and appeal.

Do we actually learn anything from TED talks?

Editor’s note: ‘Fluent’, TED-style talks on video are good for learning. Here’s how. Thanks to Judith Christian-Carter for sharing.

The 10 most popular TED-Ed lessons so far

Editor’s note: Amazing lessons from TED. Lessons in how to do great video content?

Video of the week: Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

Musician Amanda Palmer covers a lot of ground in 13 minutes (which she gave at last week’s TED Conference) including crowdfunding, trust and how social tools can bring you closer to people.

QuoTED 2013

Editor’s note: Wonderfully presented pictures and quotes from last week’s TED Conference.

Infographic of the week: why we all love TED Talks

Source: rack.2.mshcdn.com via LearnPatch on Pinterest

A school in the cloud: Sugata Mitra accepted the TED Prize at TED2013

Editor’s note: Education innovator Sugat Mitra has just won the TED Prize at TED 2013 for his School in the Cloud initiative. If you are interested in the power of self-organised learning then look up his work.

TED playlists: Collections for curious minds

Editor’s note: TED is now organising its videos into curated playlists – a potentially useful way to access the TED archive.

10 TED Talks perfect for the eLearning industry

Editor’s note: All of these videos are worth a look – a great piece of curation here and a valuable set of videos.

9 TED talks given by children

Editor’s note: Never take your eye off what the kids are up to – here are nine reasons not to.