10 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs

Editor’s note: There are some good free and paid-for tools in this list that will help you get started with content curation.

Top 200 Tools for Learning 2016

Editor’s note: Jane Hart has produced the tenth top tools list for learning. This is a great resource for new tools and technologies.

Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone but SEO tools are great for market research and completely free

Editor’s note: Some useful tools here which can help you curate content from the web. These may be used by marketers but they are useful for anyone researching ideas and insights.

15 Research Tools and Resources For Presentations

Editor’s note: Some good tools and data points in here – useful for content curation too.

Here are the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2015

Editor’s note: Jane Hart has just published her annual list of the top 100 tools as used by learning professionals. Always a good read to see what’s in fashion and what is going out of fashion.

100 Killer Resources for Social Innovators

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Editor’s note: A great list of tools covering areas such as productivity, finance and marketing.

5 Free Tools for Creating Whiteboard Videos


Editor’s note: Some great tools here for creating instructional videos – looks like the apps will be good creating them on the fly.

300+ Awesome Free Internet Resources You Should Know

Editor’s note: There are just too many good resources on this list. From business and marketing apps, to picture resources to writing tools – there’ll be something here worth sharing with colleagues.

32 tools providers discuss their favorite social media software

Editor’s note: Great list of tools for managing your social media efforts (and that will help save you time).

35 digital tools to create simple quizzes and collect feedback from students

Editor’s note: Lots of tools in here. They are slanted towards education but plenty that could be used in the corporate setting.

Snapchat, Rdio, and other unlikely workplace engagement-boosting tools

Editor’s note: A few tools here that you may not have heard of or thought were only for non-work use.

Visualising data » resources

Editor’s note: Great selection of practical data visualisation tools.

Top design resources for non-designers

Editor’s note: Over on the Slideshare blog, a useful list of resources to help make your presentations more visually appealing.

8 killer single-purpose design tools

Editor’s note: Some useful design tools here – from data visulaisation tools to timelines.

Tips, tricks and tools for data visualisation: 15 great tools for the job

Editor’s note: Great set of resources here for anyone looking to create more visual content from data and other sources of information such as links and tweets.