Glacial pace of change in L+D prompts Towards Maturity to focus on tactics that work


Despite the fact learning and development professionals want to change the way they design and deliver learning only a tiny proportion are having any success at doing so, according to #towards maturity #research of more than 600 L&D professionals and 5,000 employees. Published in a report, Unlocking Potential, the research shows that 95% of L&D […]

Embracing Change: Improving Performance for Business, Individuals and the L&D Team

Editor’s note: This year’s Towards Maturity Benchmark Study is out. Plenty of data to pick over to see how organisations are using learning technologies as well as the impact it is having.

70% of L&D teams failing to improve business productivity, according to Towards Maturity

Only three out of 10 organisations are achieving improved productivity and engagement from their L&D initiatives, only 2 out of 10 have seen improvements in the learning culture of the organisation and only 4 out of 10 are achieving increased efficiency as a result of their training strategies, according to the 2015 Towards Maturity Benchmark […]

Towards Maturity Benchmark 2015 preview – who’s in control of learning?

Benchmarking organisation #towards maturity held a VIP launch of its 2015 #benchmark study in London yesterday. Not all stats from the report were shareable as the official launch is on the 5 November. However, there were plenty of stats on top learning companies and how people are learning at work. One takeaway is that colleagues […]

Towards Maturity launches its 2015 benchmark


Learning and development benchmarking organisation #towards maturity has launched its 2015 #benchmark which enables L&D teams to review their learning initiatives and compare them with their peers. The benchmark, which is the largest independent study of corporate learning in Europe, is now in its 12th year. Organisations and L&D professionals have until the 31 July […]

Lessons from MOOCs for corporate learning

Editor’s note: Towards Maturity’s latest report lifts the lid on how corporates are using – and plan to use – massive open online courses.

The 5 most useful ways to learn at work

Benchmarking organisation Towards Maturity has released a report that looks at how people like to learn at work. The Learner Voice survey of 2,000 workers shows the top five ways in which people like to learn at work. They are: Working in collaboration with other team members – 86% General conversations and meetings – 83% […]

38 E-learning traps and how to avoid them

Editor’s note: Mining the collective wisdom of 70 delegates at Online Educa Berlin, this list makes for compelling reading if you are interested in how to make elearning work.

Tech-enabled learning increases productivity by 14%, according to Towards Maturity research


Technology-enabled learning is having a big impact on organisations. It increases productivity by 14%, the ability to roll out new processes and products quickly by 24% and reduces staff turnover by 9%. So says the Towards Maturity benchmark study of over 500 organisations. The annual study also found that technology-enabled learning has a significant effect […]

The Great British Fact-off: new Towards Maturity benchmark, straight from the oven

Editor’s note: John Helmer reviews ‘New Learning Agenda’, the latest benchmark report from Towards Maturity.

Preparing for a future of technology driven corporate learning

Editor’s note: This line says it all: ‘The future of business is the future of corporate L&D.’ And that future is technology driven . . .

Compliance – e-learning’s greatest friend and worst enemy

Editor’s note: Clive Shepherd reflects on Towards Maturity’s latest research into compliance training.

Towards Maturity launches 2013 Benchmark Study

Learning and development research company Towards Maturity has launched its 2013 Benchmark Study, Europe’s largest study of L&D effectiveness. The benchmark enables organisations to independently review their online learning strategy and directly compare themselves with other organisations. This includes reviewing learning strategy in the following areas: Objectives and vision Impact on business outcomes Stakeholder engagement […]

Towards Maturity reflections on the 2013 CIPD Learning and Talent Development Survey

Editor’s note: A useful piece from Laura Overton comparing the findings of the CIPD’s recent L&D survey with the Towards Maturity benchmark data.

The Mel Gibson guide to what learners want

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 10.38.52

It sounds obvious to say that what learners want should be at the heart of what organisations’ L&D teams deliver for their colleagues. But not so, according to the Towards Maturity Benchmark, whose managing director, Laura Overton ran a webinar last week on What learners want for the Learning and Skills Group. Organisations may have […]