Coming soon: express even more in 140 characters

Editor’s note: Twitter is making some changes that will make the service easier to use. Whether you are a novice or advanced user, these changes are worth noting. They will be coming into effect in the coming months.

How to Use Twitter: Critical Tips for New Users

Editor’s note: If you know someone new to Twitter, then this is a useful article. Lots of tips and covers the basics well.

This Is Twitter’s Top Secret Project Lightning

Editor’s note: The new tool will give the company a way to show the best of Twitter to both logged-in and logged-out users on a variety of platforms. It will have instantly loading videos and rich images, and will occupy a front-and-center location in an upcoming version of the Twitter app.

Can Curation Save Twitter? 

Editor’s note: Steve Rosenbaum, author of Curate This!, argues that Twitter’s real value in the future will be to enable users to curate content.

What Twitter Can Be.

Screen Shot 2012-08-19 at 20.36.48

Editor’s note: A great analysis of Twitter’s development so far and why curation has to be a part of its future development.

Introducing Curator, a new way to find and display great Twitter content

Editor’s note: Twitter sees curation as an important part of its development which explains the launch of its Curator tool.

The Science and Psychology of Twitter: Why We Follow and Share

Editor’s note: This article offers some useful insights into using Twitter and how others use Twitter based on research into users’ behaviour. Whether you use Twitter or not, this is useful for understanding how people use it and how, as a user, you could use it better.

Does Twitter have the right to ruin your life?

Screenshot 2015-03-06 16.28.17

Editor’s note: I’m interested in how we can challenge ideas online. This film shows how people can turn on others online and with devastating effect. Is that what you risk if you want to challenge ideas?

Twitter study of 4 million tweets reveals key engagement factors

Editor’s note: This research analyses Twitter data to understand what drives behaviour on Twitter and in particular what really drives retweets, favorites, and replies.

Decision-making practice in elearning – curated tweets from #chat2lrn

Here are our edited highlights from the Chat2lrn #twitter chat on #decision-making practice in elearning. [View the story “Decision-Making Practice in eLearning – curated tweets from chat2lrn” on Storify]

Curated tweets from the #chat2lrn Twitter chat on neuroscience and learning

Here are our edited tweets from today’s Chat2lrn #twitter chat on #neuroscience and #learning. Lots of links shared in here too. [View the story “Curated chat2lrn tweets on neuroscience and learning” on Storify]

Curated tweets from the #chat2lrn Twitter chat on microlearning

Her are our tweet highlights from this week’s Chat2lrn #twitter chat on #microlearning.   [View the story “Curated tweets from the chat2lrn chat on microlearning” on Storify]

Employees are more productive when they can tweet

Editor’s note: It’s a small survey but an interesting take on social media usage at work. This research shows that employees are happier and more productive if they spend breaks talking to others via social media (as opposed to consuming content such as videos).

Nearly 8,000 tweets – analysis and all the tweets from Learning Technologies 2014

Nearly 8,000 tweets described the goings-on at the Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition 2014. Here we provide two reports. The first is a topline report of the Twitter activity, with total tweets, top tweets and reach based on the number of followers of the person tweeting. Below that is a link to an Excel spread […]

Learning Technologies 2014: Backchannel details

Editor’s note: Kate Graham is managing the Twitter backchannel for the Learning Technologies Conference and in the post explains how to access the Twitter coverage.