A New World of Corporate Learning Arrives: And It Looks Like TV

Editor’s note: Learning technology analyst Josh Bersin looks at how learning management systems are attempting to morph into learning experience platforms.

15 Psychology Hacks that Boost UX

Editor’s note: Some really great tips here that will help you create more engaging digital content.

Seriously though, what is UX design really?

Editor’s note: This article provides a good overview of user experience design and includes links to a MOOC and other related reading. Good UX should be at the heart of all learning technologies . . .

UX to LX: The Rise of Learner Experience Design

Editor’s note: User experience has been a key process in the development of intuitive consumer technologies. That thinking is increasingly infiltrating learning. For organisations that should mean more intuitive learning technology.

UX Reality Check: 14 Hard Truths About Users

Editor’s note: This is a really good read. before you design any online content or learning experience, make sure you think about all 14 points. It’s likely what you design as a result will be vastly more useful.

The Smarter Screen

Editor’s note: This looks like a very interesting read on how to influence online behaviours – a key to designing online learning experiences I would think.

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Interaction Design

Editor’s note: Is there, or should there be, a difference between instructional and interaction design. This is a great guide to interaction design.

Slidedeck of the week: Designing the good life: the ethics of user experience design

Thanks to @burrough for recommending this wonderful deck on user experience. What are we really designing for? Designing the Good Life: The Ethics of User Experience Design from Sebastian Deterding

Making mLearning usable

Editor’s note: Elearning Guild research into how people use tablets – this is a great read if you are designing for tablets.

Responsive design: a critical piece of user experience

Editor’s note: A look at why responsive design is a critical factor in the user experience.

Four revealing facts on how learners read on screen [Infographic]

Editor’s note: If you are designing experiences for screens, then this will be useful for understanding the concept of ‘screen time’.

Designing user interfaces for older adults: myth busters

Editor’s note: More myth busting today – this article looks at designing user experiences for older workers.

Learning from board games

Editor’s note: A look at how board games can be used to develop better user experience for tech applications.

The new multi-screen world study

Editor’s note: Part of Google Insights research, this study shows how consumers use multiple devices to shop. The type of device experiences needed with learning tech.

Video of the week: 10 usability heuristics

These heuristics – mental shortcuts that allow people to solve problems and make judgments quickly and efficiently – are based on the work of usability guru Jakob Nielsen.