Video of the week: Disrupting learning

In this video, former head of online #learning at BP Nick Shackleton-Jones slays some sacred cows of corporate learning.

Video of the week: Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks Explained

If computers are going to take over much of the work humans do today it will be because of developments in #machine learning. This short video explains all.

Video of the week: The myth of talent and the power of practice

To coincide with our inaugural book club discussion on Bounce by #matthew syed, we share this video in which Syed shares his research and experience into this pervasive idea of having ‘a gift’, a natural #talent.

Video of the week: Unconscious bias at work

Facebook recently made its #unconscious bias training available to anyone which prompted us to share this video from Google on unconscious bias. (H/T Barbara Thompson for sharing the Facebook story)

Video of the week: Daniel Levitin on Information Overload

Neuroscientist #daniel levitin discusses the impact of #information overload on the brain. He says that ‘uni-tasking’ at work is more productive than multi-tasking and that people who take a break for 15 minutes every two hours (to let the brain go into its daydream state) are also more productive.

Video of the week: Using big data for bigger education

Is hyper-customised learning content the future for learning content?

Video of the week: MOOC Attendance Reconsidered: The Intention Factor

Harvard academic Justin Reich, investigates how completion and attrition rates differ based on students’ self-reported intentions towards course participation. Useful insights in the debate around #moocs and completion rates.

Video of the week: Digital sabbath

Maybe I like this because I spend too much on time. I think it has an important message.

Video of the week: Gary Hamel on the Future of Management

We love this video from #gary hamel. So, where is #management headed? Hamel provides his view . . . whilst also casting aside legacy thinking about the role of management.

Video of the week: Carol Dweck ‘Mindset – the new psychology of success’

The work of Carol Dweck is referenced in the book Bounce by Matthew Syed. Here she talks through the fixed versus growth mindset.

Video of the week: Social media or social minefield

Research on how people use social media from Wharton Business School. Thanks to @BKneuer for sharing.

Video of the week: An infographic exploration of video engagement

Useful data on the scale of video usage online and the power of video in engaging users. “Show Me Something” An Infographic Exploration of Video Engagement, April 2014 from Shutterstock on Vimeo.

Video of the week: Disruptive innovation and learning – where do we go from here?

The videos from all the 2014 Learning Technologies conference sessions are now available here. It’s a great resource and in the coming weeks we will be picking over some that caught our eye. First up, Steve Wheeler and Andrew Jacobs on disruptive innovation in learning.

Video of the week: History of neuroscience

Eminent neuroscientist Eric Kandel reflects on how neuroscience developed and how his work on memory developed through his career.

Video of the week: Robert Cialdini on the 6 principles of influence

Professor Robert Cialdini, author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, shares six principles of persuasion.