Official YouTube Blog: Updates from VidCon: more users, more products, more shows and much more

Editor’s note: This short post provides some data on Youtube see numbers and usage as well as some of the updates coming to the service.

Learning Technologies Conference 2017

Editor’s note: This is a great resource – all the talks from the Learning technologies Conference 2017 in one Youtube playlist.

Another survey finds users aren’t that engaged with online video

Editor’s note: This research focuses on video content on news websites and shows that it is less engaging than other forms of content, in particular long-form writing. Interesting to see that video might not be as popular after all.

How Long Should Your Next Video Be?

Editor’s comment: Useful piece of research here into more than half a million videos on Youtube which looks at the relationship between length of video and viewer engagement.

Producing videos for training – curated #chat2lrn tweets

Here are our highlights from the Chat2lrn Twitter chat on videos for training. [View the story “Producing videos for training – curated chat2lrn tweets” on Storify]

Learning Technologies 2015 video presentations

Screenshot 2015-02-27 13.57.08

Editor’s note: All the videos and presentations from this year’s Learning Technologies Conference. This is a great resource.

Intelligent YouTube channels

Editor’s note: I’m a big fan of the Open Culture blog, especially for its lists of useful and entertaining resources. This one is no exception.

A complete guide to creating awesome visual content

Editor’s note: A very useful and practical guide to creating visual content across networks.

Learning and Technologies conference speech digital handout

Editor’s note: This is the digital handout from the Learning Technologies conference session on video. Great tips and resources here.

Interactive video: the next big thing in mobile

Editor’s note: If you are an eLearning Guild member you can see all of this article, if not you get a taster for why interactive video could be a game changer for learning content. Rather than consume you interact.

The Ones That Got Away – video stories

Editor’s note: Craig Taylor’s series on ideas that never saw the light of day looks at video stories – includes a great example.

TV and media – identifying the needs of tomorrow’s video consumers

Editor’s note: This big study shows how our TV consumption is changing – great insights here.

Video of the week: Michio Kaku on the power of video

Dr Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist, discusses how pictures, videos and images help us understand the universe.Thanks to @cliveshepherd for sharing.

Do we actually learn anything from TED talks?

Editor’s note: ‘Fluent’, TED-style talks on video are good for learning. Here’s how. Thanks to Judith Christian-Carter for sharing.

We the data

Editor’s note: Great resource on big data including a range of videos covering topics such as crowd sourcing and personal data.